Trying Clickbait Clothing "Hacks" 3 weeks ago   18:56

Safiya Nygaard
So I've been seeing these clothing and fashion hack videos all over Instagram, and they always seem so incredibly strange that I decided to test a bunch of them out and see how they were! We tried a few out from different instagram accounts and pages and ended up with a boxer bralette, a laminated shirt, a skirt weighed down with coins, a bra strap necklace, and napkin shoes!

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Safiya Nygaard
ALSO!! make sure to make it to the end of the video to cast your vote for what my next tattoo should be (by clicking on the "i" icon in the corner)! love you guys!! BTW, if you don't see the "i" icon then hover or click on the screen to see it in the corner!
Moonlight gamer2009
STORYTIME:So, once I used to think that when an add went on, I could put in a comment for the add XD.
Love Johnson
Fabric transfer paper exists and it is not so expensive (when you already have a printer) I would recommend that instead of the "hack" ahah
Sky Byrem
if you put modgepodge under the napkin irst it will stay down better. then put it over and then dry then spray it
Disney queen
Sami Alfredson
Ubaid Baig
Your arms are not waxed..
Naya Grahn
I did not know that they made boxers for women...
Hakudoushi Numbernine
As for the quarters.
Probably best to sew washers into them
Aimee hedley-taylor
Mood BB
Mazde Riora
Safiya you're so entertaining that i literally stop watching netflix to watch your content lol ! :D
Wouldn't it be more constructive to sew small weights into the hemline of a skirt to stop it from blowing up?
Casper Senpai
Bra hack is great for old bras that are worn out or don't fit anymore.
Gunsword JR
1018: Americans skin and use every part of a buffalo
2018: Americans skin and use every part of a bra
LPS TT unicorn cupcake
Eve Bell
Sewing weights at the end of skirts/dresses are one of my favourite things to do! It actually works, but like the problem she had; you need to spread them out evenly around the skirt to were it's all weighted and not lopsided. What I do is I take some fabric, place the weight between the fabric and the skirt; and simply sew around and secure the weight. Be sure to use similar colour fabric and string that way the design/colour is not disturbed in any way and not noticeable at all. But it works!
Brandon Lucas
First squirt of the day!! Alright Safiya!!
Finally a normal person tried these hacks!
Beth Meth
Not trying to be weird but that’s used for people in jail when they can’t afford bras n they use normal grandma underwear lol
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Trying Clickbait Clothing "Hacks" 3 weeks ago   06:55