retouch and edit of this portrait 4 PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOOT THE SAME MODEL 1 day ago   26:44

Jessica Kobeissi
Retouch and edit of this portrait in photoshop :)
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This isn't really a full tutorial where I explain step by step, but you can watch me go over all the steps on what I use and talk about random things while retouching this!

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Mike T.
I think your edit looks a lot better than the original, but I think even there the lipstick was already too much. The color doesn't fit her bright skin in my opinion.
Shadow Ninja
The eyes just don't fit in
Jay Nikam
appreciate you taking time and creating content for us,Just love your work and this channel.This picture is little bit overdone maybe you were busy in talking on mic and lost the track,it happens with me too.
Вадик Vadik
Where can I get action Frequency separation?
This photo definitely didn't need that much editing and the finished result looks very unnatural to me, but good for you for exploring styles.
Morgan Pross
What part of Michigan are you from? I’m a Michigander too!
Krzysztof Ostrowski
I like the edit. Even when I was not doing any kind of photography always liked edited photos. It means that someone put his time into the photo not just take it and post
Thomson sunil
Over edited i think....details missing on face
Sophie Maguire
She kinda looks like a doll in the editted version it's kinda off-putting,
Joan Wolfie
Jess, how to do this frequency settings you have? You were posting it once for download, but it's not available anymore. It would be a big help to have it again :)
Hazar Dursun
Hi Jess can you make a video about male modeling challenge in ugly location
Fabiola Rodriguez
I might not be thinking about the same thing you consider dodge and burn but I find frequency separation much more complicated. I saw a post you made about it and was soooo lost! tho I do loooove how it looks
Ximena Cabrera
I have been struggling with carpel tunnel for the past months and it has been really painful... but at this point im like whatever... so it was hilarious when you said that sometimes Ps does nothing and meanwhile you are just getting the tunnel!😂 so true
Devin Ingram
Hi Jessica! I was just curious to know how the skin was tack sharp, and the eyes weren’t in focus. I was wondering if you purposely did it, or you didn’t notice!
Karl-Filip Karlsson
Going crazy with layer.. love it! :D
Kathleen Jones
I don't get it. Out of the 2, the before is better. I think there was room for enhancement on the original but so much was done that the original ended up being superior to the edit.
Brick of Galom
The model is very pretty. After editing, the eyes are mismatching the face in my opinion. The photograph and the shades are looking like they are shot in a much darker place, but the pupils of the eyes still look like they are exposed to a lot of light. Otherwise a good experiment :)
Sim Dim
Beautiful photo and model but I like the original better. But either way, still love your work Jessica
Nelson Stein
Jessica I love you and your videos. I laughed so much during this video because you are so genuine and I love that. Keep it like that
Eric Matias
The retouching look ok for me. But the result looks too violent. The lipstick is certainly the cause of it. Because i do not know what you had in mind doing this shoot. It makes me think you tried to match everything around the lipstick. But thanks you gave me something to think about.
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4 PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOOT THE SAME MODEL retouch and edit of this portrait 1 day ago   16:37

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