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Body Language Proof James | Is Tati Westbrook A Liar? - At Up-Tube.com

Body Language Proof James IS TATI WESTBROOK A LIAR? 1 day ago   13:38

Derek Van Schaik
Find out the body language secrets in James Charles apology video, along with the feud breakdown of what happened between James Charles and Tati.

James Charles is the famous 19 year old beauty and makeup YouTuber who had over 16.5 million subscribers, but lately his subscriber count has been breaking records in the undesirable kind of way. He’s been losing millions, Logan Paul with his past controversy has got nothing on the subscribers James Charles is losing. Why is this happening? James’s YouTube mentor and friend Tati, who also has a large beauty and makeup YouTube channel, posted a tell all video about why she decided to cut ties with James Charles after there was some back and forth a few weeks earlier on Instagram regarding brand deals and friend loyalty. James responds to Tati’s YouTube video with an apology video, but clearly it seemed to have made everything even worse for himself with even more backlash and even more unsubscribes. So we’re going to breakdown what happened and analyze body language to point out the key insights and reveal the truth.

Give this video a thumbs up if you’re Team Tati on all this.
Give this video a thumbs down if you’re Team James on all this.

In the comments: Why would you unsubscribe from James Charles, given all that has gone on? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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Comments 5678 Comments

Leah Thompson
James : *breaths*
Narrator : OmG hE iS oBvIoUsLy LiEiNg DiD u CaTcH tHe WaY hE bReAtHeD
EGO = James
no good
Bea Wood
*watches all of his videos so I can spy and not look like I'm lying*
Mr Birdey
Im not defending anyone here, and i know im late, but I dont really care, but I think weve all been out with our friends, and seen someone of the attracted sex and have said "oh id like to do this or that to her/him"
Part of his face stuff could be because of the botox he uses...
Laverne Blaszczyk
I dunno, I smile a lot when I'm nervous, does it come off as insincere holy shit
That whisper talking..
mary drew
It's fake because he just pulled the biggest uno reverse card
Morrigan ravenmist
I'm sorry 😉😀😁 I really detest this boy!!! He's a little pit viper!!!!
In my opinion, there seems to be a chance that James Charles endured some kind of childhood abuse. Being manipulative, constantly lying and an inability to connect with others on a deep level are all signs that a person has been traumatized early in life by someone they trusted...just my take on it.
Fifi Jabs
Don't know who is is. Never heard of him. I'm watching because I like your analysis and learn a lot from it.
Christina Vega
I’ve never liked him and I don’t get the whole “sister” fascination that all his subscribers stand for!
xee doll
I have Never heard of this "dude" but he is fake and INSINCERE! I feel embarrassed for him. Just from this video because I don't know the whole story, but I think he did his friend wrong. He was totally disrespectful to her and her family. 🙄
Lightning Fury
This man is disgusting
Nathaniel H
At the top 👌👊
Nephilim Research
It seems like he has botox in the face. How would that affect the micro expressions?
Dbow H
prick still has over 16,000.000 subs ????!!!
What is wrong with people?
Joe public safety
I really like seeing your video's good work.. and that is why I don't trust everyone only a few can be trusted.
This didnt age well
Marmaduke Scarlet
The way he keeps tossing his head? Is that arrogance?
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IS TATI WESTBROOK A LIAR? Body Language Proof James 1 day ago   11:38


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