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How Shane Dawson Ruled 2018 | Paying Strangers To Do Weird Things - At Up-Tube.com

How Shane Dawson Ruled 2018 PAYING STRANGERS TO DO WEIRD THINGS 2 days ago   16:27

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How Shane Dawson Ruled 2018 - Best Moments

Comments 421 Comments

So proud of this video and SO proud of Shane for all his amazing work this year.
I hope by a chance that he sees this and realize how much incredible he is 💖
- hope you guys are having a good time.
Carly Hernandez
his mom is so precious. i love her :,(
Yoongis3dollahs :3
How Shane Dawson became president and ruled the universe.
The videos of Bobby and him bobby looks like a school shooter
Jessica Bunny
This is SO adorable ❤️❤️❤️
Susan Richey
You’re the most wonderful man on YouTube
Jared Stegman
*inserts "Im so proud of this community"*
Nish Nish
Bobby Burns was so unappreciative literally hes the worst
Saddie Nighter
Everyone who can be friend with Shane is literally a blessing
Jinsoo is lying
I love Shane in Xanax so much it makes me laugh so hard
Andrew when they “exposed him” was kinda really out of place because he he was the only sensible person and in a room of 3 incredibly gay people over reacting and screaming he seemed so awkward.
i am not a *FUCKING* pedophile
Mr Deez nutz
you forgot to put all of his other videos because there all the best xD
my name is jonny
Shane's mum is everything 😂💜
Nerdy Unicorn
Shane really is sweet
Izzy Hogan
what happened to bobby
flippin casserole
He is U N F U N N Y.
Crazy B!tch
cat fucker
idk what I'm doing
Shane rules every year
Scooby doo Fruit snacks
i didn’t like the whole bobby burns arc
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PAYING STRANGERS TO DO WEIRD THINGS How Shane Dawson Ruled 2018 2 days ago   17:35

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