Pivot Entry Carving SL Lesson Ski racing Colorado and Switzerland training 2 days ago   04:40

Hi, here is a video explaining in a clear and short way how to ski a modern SL course in a modern way. In this video we are looking at LINE SELECTION and PIVOT. How to ski a straighter line and still be able to carve and accelerate out of the turn. If you have questions post them in the comment section and I will answer them to my best knowledge. Note that Chirs and A

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Karl K
See https://up-tube.com/upvideo/QyyXNteDGEV at the 1:04 mark for a slow mo view of the superlative Mikaela Shiffrin on a World Cup race course surface.
You should use more knees.
Marc G
this is youtube, and we are in 2019, can you fucking talk?!!
Bob John
Thank you for putting ski vids on youtube. The coach and racer in me is coming back! Regarding the pivot entry slalom method, it seems like it can work, but then was he using 157cm slalom skis? Are those legal now? In high school 8 years ago you had to use 165cm slaloms. This made it so you had to learn how to roll them over and be smooth. It seems like you can get away with "pivot entry" with smaller skis. Tim Kelley skied slalom for the US ski team a few years ago and he used a similar style, but he was like 6'2" and strong. So 165cm's would feel "small" to him. Anyway, I think with bigger slalom skis, the next step in learning is to be able to roll into the new turn better. It looks like starting the turn in this video, he basically has to jump from one edge to the next. Again, you can get a way with it with small skis, but world cup guys (or FIS racers, which I was not), aren't allowed to use smaller skis. One method that really helped me learn this was to "pull up your toes as hard as you can." This was a quote from Ted Ligety, he said he does that in all of his turns. At the very least it helps you learn how to release the hips and weight down the hill, a major progression for a racer. What do you think? Is any of this right? Keep the shred alive!
Soufian Ratib
Thank you for this AMAZING analysis. A better and more efficient way is the STIVOTING method. Pivot turn is fundamental before moving on the next level. What do you think ?
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Ski racing Colorado and Switzerland training Pivot Entry Carving SL Lesson 2 days ago   04:04

Recap of my summer and fall training in Zermatt (Switzerand) and Copper Mountain (Colorado). GS and SL

Due to bad weather, we only ski'd 6 days outta 12 in Zermatt, wich explains why i don't have a lot of videos in Zermatt.