Christopher Nolan On Not Using CGI for 'Interstellar': Neil deGrasse Tyson on "Interstellar" 2 months ago   03:59

'Interstellar' is the latest movie by legendary director Christopher Nolan, the guy behind 'The Dark Knight' Trilogy, 'Inception' and 'Memento' to name but a few. This time he takes us to outer space on a mission to save mankind.

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Prashant singh
What is chris nolan design a game?
Jessica chastain is Hot. Anyway I love this movie I don't Understand the hate for this is true Sci-fi To be honest it feels like The remake of the all time classic 2001 a space odyssey. I always compare interstellar with 2001 a space odyssey. I do think that 2001 is far more important than interstellar but thats just because It was the first movie of its kind and Its Kubrick in his prime well 2001 a space odyssey, The shining and especially A clockwork orange 🍊 I think are not just his best but the best movies of all time. Nolan is still a very good director I mean Memento, TDK trilogy, inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk Are all masterpieces in there own way. BTW I just want to mention Hans Zimmer's score I mean He has always worked with Nolan Since Batman Begins and He always has something new. Nolan and Zimmer are only second to Speilberg and J. Williams.
Nizamuddin Syed
Best creative movie directors are Nolan and kubrik.
What's the music at the end? Is that some of Zimmer's music?
1creeperbomb M
I think this was the only movie my friends and I cried.... Amazing movie.
Trent Marzonie
this narrator makes me nauseous
Sternia Hoenheim
Anne hathaway is such a smug cunt
Leandro Lopes de Souza
wtf narrator.
Ed Schirra
Guessing more like 206,000 people STARTED watching and then thought 'Geez this guy narrating is an idiot...'
Ed Schirra
Ed Schirra
Most boring narrator ever.
Ed Schirra
Go to a documentary school or something.
Ed Schirra
Boring. Boring. Boring.
Ed Schirra
Cannot watch a film from a youtube that plasters a MASSIVE 'FCCE' all over the screen. NOT your copyright. And boring.
It's "not using green screen", not "not using CGI".
Natanael Rodriguez
The title could be maybe misleading. Of course he used CGI he didnt use CGI for the Parts that obviosly didnt need it, those Planets and the shots you did see of saturn and the wormhole and the giant Wave scene (not the location) were done by Double Negative an UK VFX studio that always works with Nolan (including Dunkirk saw their name in the credits, The Dark Knight triology, etc) it's on the VFX breakdown with Nolan. The difference is Nolan uses fewer shots but the CGI shots he uses as he works with IMAX film HE GIVES THEM TIME A LOT to render them well and nearly really nearly Even the 4K DI VFX are done in 2K but Nolan crazily demand 8K renders 16 times the resolution that ILM normaly works with.
M.Shyam Ganeesh
Instead of playing with cgi even when it's not at all necessary Nolan has used practical effects which gives a more real touch to the movie . Nolan's film is not only unique for its storyline it's also unique for its visual effects.
M.Shyam Ganeesh
This is such a Masterpiece. . I love cgi but sometimes cgi messes with the reality. See let's assume that there is a real life batman who is doing all these crazy stunts but I will not be excited because i have been fed with so much of cgi where u can bend physics I will not be getting the feel that I get when i watch a movie . But when u watch a Christopher Nolan movie which does not pour in too much cgi I get that real feel . It just looks as if those scenes really happen and someone has captured it in a camera.
Mike Kleinsteuber
Interstellar is one of the worst scripts ever written
jean luc Dubinator
This must of blown flat earthers minds, information overload.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson on "Interstellar" Christopher Nolan On Not Using CGI for 'Interstellar': 2 months ago   18:33

For astrophysicists, "Interstellar" is probably like being a kid in a candy store. But how realistic is it? The one and only Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the realism of "Interstellar" and how the Matthew McConaghey-led space epic stacks up to some of his favorite science fiction flicks.