How Facebook and Others Are Fighting Misinformation Sean Hannity 6/19/19 LIVE 3 months ago   07:32

Wall Street Journal
As the U.S. battles the largest measles outbreak in decades, big tech companies like Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are trying to tamp down the spread of misinformation about vaccines. WSJ’s Spencer Macnaughton explains. Photo Composite: Adele Morgan/The Wall Street Journal

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jacky zhu
Me: Mom! So many dumb comments!

Mom: I no know what is wrong.

Me: It’s the comments. Messing up information since 2005.

Mom: I like vaccines. I no know dumb comments.

Me: A comment is a post on a post that comments on what it’s on. People can use them for say, spam (not the salty meat from a can), or since people read them for info: misinfo.

Mom: I need translate.

Me: [in Chinese] A comment is a post on a post that comments on the post it’s on. People can use them for say, spam (not the salty meat from a can), or since people read them for info: misinfo.

Mom: Ooooh. I see!
Shaylynne Shelley
The Supreme Court says vaccines are unavoidably unsafe!!! Vaccines cause encephalitis among other problems! Your censorship will not shut us up!!! We will get louder!
David L
Politifact, a website run by the Pointer Institute, is in partnership with Facebook as a so-called “non-partisan,” 3rd party, fact-checker. GreenMedInfo, recently the recipient of Facebook’s vaccine censorship, wrote the following: “It does not reflect well on Facebook that it allowed Poynter to certify itself as worthy to police the world’s news feeds in order to mete out algorithmic punishment to those whose views it does not agree with…Poytner’s fact-checking operation was funded by a $380,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.“ ...who is profiting from and funding everything related to vaccines.

Facebook has offered to reduce distribution, reject ads, even disable accounts who continually spread ‘misinformation’ about vaccines. Serving on its Board of Directors for Facebook is Sue Desmond-Hellmann. Desmond-Hellman is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She was the first head of the foundation to be neither a former Microsoft executive nor a personal friend of the Gates’. Trained as an oncologist, she spent 14 years at biotech firm Genentech. Speaking at a 2017 conference titled In Defense of Science, Desmond-Hellmann stated, “I rely on my belief in science and a certain amount of trust…I rely on other people believing me and my colleagues.” Speaking to the audience, Desmond-Hellmann went on to imply that those who don’t trust her belief in science are “an incredible threat.”
How is it that a massive censorship campaign is being celebrated?
Science being settled is complete nonsense and is itself misinformation.
This video is misinformation.
Simon Fry
Science is never settled. That's insane to even suggest that.
I'd maybe accept that statement when/if vaccines are perfect and never kill or harm anyone.
Until then, the science is never settled and humanity should always be able to openly discuss and research.
Vaccines are Illogical.
When was logic taught to the pharmsters.
Dumbed down society.
Stay off Facebook.
Matty Gil
This is bs
Ah so we can also discredit that the fact the vaccine is not tested for cancer? Can we discredit the possibility the strain of measles the vaccine is for is mutated because it is foreign?
Kyle Shebilske
IDK, Maybe We Need To Actually Help To Thin Out The Herd of Stupid!?
lily 714
Facebook seriously their evil reputation precedes them. We know who started this it's another gift from our government now won't you take our harmful vaccine? The U.S. government owns the patten on eboli. Ever wonder why they have so many coffins stored up? Pray that the evil they intend for us GOD will turn it on them HE is a lot closer than you think "HIS ears are open to the righteous HIS face is against those that do evil to remove them from the earth. "
Dinah Patrick Walker
Isn't that zika the same if so measles
If so it comes from?
Dinah Patrick Walker
Where did it come from????? From f N Chinese..
Jazz E
So these are the tech companies taking responsibility for the use of their software? Wow, that is remarkable that they would do that when they could virtually do nothing.
Mirzoalim Baqi
As you guys claim it's safe and you guys have safety data.

1st We live in land of free and brave???.
2nd Respect constitution and parental consent.
3 rd Make safety data public and per each vaccine.

Thank you. The Almighty bless USA the land of freedom.

Don't work for paycheck only, please be thoughtful of your grandchildren's future.
Joshy P.S
What About Twitter..Most of political Doyen use Twitter .They spread false propaganda on Twitter ...
Josephine Dark
jim bob
Measles are good population to high too many dumb people. Let them be wrong!
Sheri Schneider
"Recognize information as settled science". @6:45. True science is always challenging itself and changing, so "settled science" isn't really science.
Kyle Bennett
Censorship is good?
Stacy Clarkson
Lets talk about the 900 lb Gorilla in the Room,Illegal aliens are bringing Diseases in MASS that were long ago eradicated in the USA!!

But the Media does not want to talk about that,at Ellis Island we screened and turned away the infected!!!

Back to Europe they went!!
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