A Japanese Technique to Overcome Laziness What Japanese Think of Half-Japanese 2 days ago   04:25

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Almost all of us periodically sets ourselves a new goal or challenge — and just as often in the end fails to achieve them. We end up telling ourselves that we’re just not ready yet, that we’ll do it next week, next month...next year.
We might even pursue them with zeal at the start. But once we’ve made a small amount of effort, we’ll tell ourselves we’ve done enough, and it’s time to take this whole ‘starting a new life’ thing more slowly.
Why does it always turn out like this? The answer’s fairly obvious: Because we try to achieve too much, too fast; because we get sick of the new responsibility; because it’s difficult to change old habits and try something new.


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What is the laziest thing for you to do? 😉

Btw, laziness can be a sign of depression https://up-tube.com/upvideo/tWiruXLo8zN&g=74f
searuchi hec
Oh yeah im sick of my new subjects.
M Hussain
Such a misleading video!
Eliza Frey
All I have read is people talking about procrastinating instead of telling us how they went with this idea, funny.
That's 1 minute. See you tomorrow
Cat Deme
It really works ....implementing this with everything this year
Raj kiran J
1 min is easy
video rate
I'm not lazy I work 4 jobs but make no money and I'm middle aged my body's breaking down!
Masanobu Sato
I am Japanese but I have never thought this technique before. Thank you for teaching me. Perhaps we have been disciplined unconsciously since we were children.
ooo C
Dreams and hopes are great but, it does take a bit of willingness and effort... The feeling of achieving something is a potent drug that will propel you to keep trying.
I am a man and I enjoy making my own bread from scratch...Not many things come close to the smell of freshly baked bread, biscuits, pastries and then, when you share all that goodness, when you see others enjoy your creation, you feel like "you are a person who can". I sometimes miss my "drug", I miss the smell of freshly baked bread throughout my house :-) I miss that time of the year when I pick my own vegetables here in my small garden in Phoenix AZ... I have a long list of things that inspire me to keep going... No, I'm not retired or wealthy, I run my small business in the service sector and, I work with my hands. I get bruises, blisters, cuts and all that but that's what I do to pay the bills. Once I'm home it's all about doing things I love, enjoy and feel like doing.
Islam is the Truth
Pray 5 times a day with the same timing of each prayer and see how your life transforms! An advice of a Muslim revert .. ❤️
Chaitali Ghosh
Meditation is a best option I suppose.
Scary Angel
The girl on the photo is Chinese BY THE WAY
Andrei Tiongson
Akemi I
mmm this is one of the things people pick up and present it without really understanding. kaizen simply means to improve and not a name of a method.
Siddhartha Mukherjee
No I haven't tried this before.
But I liked the idea. I will try it out as well as I will forward this video to one of my friends, who was searching for such principal.
songja kro
Why is this in my suggested video? 😂
Ashish Singh
Only extend your videos for no reasons
ZUL_RB26 R34
I'm too lazy to even set new challenge lol
Alberto Corrales
The key is to be pacient.
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What Japanese Think of Half-Japanese A Japanese Technique to Overcome Laziness 2 days ago   07:28

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