SIU Carbondale: a quick fly-through How to Frame Walls for a Basement Room 5 months ago   03:47
Having earned an undergraduate degree in architecture and a master's in media (photography) both from SIUC, I wanted to create a quick video of just some of the major areas of my alma mater as it is today. I have 14 photographs that accompany this video that may be found at:
This genre of music got me through many many sleepless nights while in college. If it's "not your thing", that's ok...just mute the sound or turn it down. Hope you enjoy. Drone/UAV video by Nathan Wambold of

NOTE: This video is the sole property of Nathan Wambold, of OurFocus, and I was not solicited to create such by SIU.

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Robert Cairns
Awesome. Class of 1979. First time back last summer...July 2018. 40 years gone. Loved SIU-C. Wish you had covered Thompson Point, The Towers, Communications Building, The Strip etc. Maybe in a part 2? Thanks for sharing!
Craig M
It’s been over 20 years. Lots of good memories.
Asafo Shakur
Class of '97 BA Economics
Abdur Rahman
help needed in finding the ranking of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale as per Times Ranking of World Universities. Subject wise, Agriculture department ranking needed. I am not sure whether my findings are correct.
Saleh AlAteyah
I am missing you SIUC
TriOfDerp ‘
I love my town of Carbondale
HariharaIyer Badrinarayanan
nice one Nathan
Ron Davis
I proud to say I am going to be a Saluki August 22nd.
Thor L
What is the name of the song used?
Darren Lamb
Looking for more rock n roll for your brain? Check out the Black Tar Heroines from Carbondale, Illinois!
Jorge Peña
I wish to come back there before I die,,, Go SIU,,,
Keenan A
Really.. an uplifting trance song for this video........
My dad used to coach there, but he wanted to be at Notre Dame instead
Joe Bell
THis is great!!!
Hi! I'm currently a student at SIUC in the Cinema and Photography Dept. Right now I'm doing an experimental film in CP102 and I'm using some found footage of the campus from the 60's,70's,80's etc. Its there anyway I can get a few clips from this video (maybe 4 seconds worth) to use in that project? If not, that's cool. Really great work, man.
John I. Ejembi
Nice video and good job! Even though you came close to Parkinson Laboratory, it was not featured. Parkinson building is quite imposing, was wondering why you left out my department. Did I see Engineering? I doubt. Where are the three residential towers? Those are major landmarks too!
Zarxanim Agayeva
Great job ! I miss US and my lovely host university , SIU :(
Joseph Poletti
Lol, is that a prison?
Great Video!!!!!!  
awesome ! I always wanted to do this, but never had a chance.
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How to Frame Walls for a Basement Room SIU Carbondale: a quick fly-through 5 months ago   06:01

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva partitions off a below-grade space. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Hang a New Front Door in an Existing Frame:

How to Frame Out Basement Walls:

How to Insulate a Basement:

Shopping List for How to Frame Walls for a Basement Room:
- pressure-treated 2x4s, used as the bottom wall plates
- 2x4s, used as the top wall plates and studs

Tools for How to Frame Walls for a Basement Room:
- 2-foot and 6-foot levels
- chalk line
- circular saw
- layout square
- cordless framing nailer, or hammer and 16d nails
- powder-actuated nail gun
- hearing and eye protection

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