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Man with the Golden Gun 1973, The Duel

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William Southall
Bond should of taken the golden gun as a trophy.
I dont understand. How did James go from climbing scaffolding and dropping his gun to then dressed up as that mannequin with his gun again? All in one scene change. Just saying that it seems lazy like why can't they show the stuff in between?
Joshua Manzanares
This one the best 007 movies one my favorites besides live and let die with the other dope villian kananga mr big and black claw who smiles alot and this scaramanga Christopher Lee
I am a James Bond fan and of the opinion that TMWTGG is a very underated film that gets better as the years go by, only perhaps TSWLM was better from the Roger Moore films.
Lachlan Armstrong
I went on a tour to this island.
Ben Huether
Is Nick Nack the inspiration for mini me?
josé fernández
Moraleja, ...La confianza, mata al hombre,... del revolver, de Oro ! Gran video, many thanks friend! me. G.
such a great movie
One of the best dual of all time in all the cinema history!
Postal Dude
whenever i played nightfire, i played as nick nack lol
cawboy from Norway
I've been there twice in Thailand :) I realy liked it
Pius X
2:50 lol
daan linssen
Incorrectly mislabelled as a film from 1973. this film was released december, 1974, and despite being criticzised as one of the weakest bondfilms, personally i think this bondfilm is highly underrated. it is, in fact, one of my favourites!
Samir Sickeira
I miss time when James used to use more brains than muscles......and for me, Sean Connery will be always THE James Bond!
Rusty Shackleford
no one notice nick nack touched (almost) JB maanhood?
DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou
Spectre features a very similar climax to this.
quinton godsell
Eddie Congdon
Epic favorite bond movie
Scaramanga's funny house. 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Billy Truong
7:01 Game Over.
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