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Man with the Golden Gun 1973, The Duel

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conscious nick
Dyew it!
My diner with Herve!
Petter Danckwardt
Rewatching this like ten years later and I realize there is a rape attempt going on in the background... disturbing.
Olli Kiviniemi
James Bond on paras ohjelma
This is how Tattoo took
Fantasy Island.

He just hired Mr. Roarke to be
Operations Manager.
andy marfo
Pure James bond this movie and spy who loved me and moonraker are the bond movies I grew up with.
Fabrice Ascenso
0:35 "20 Peces?" lmao?
0:29 miss goodnight he has a magnificent abdomen
Grant Dixson
Still confused on how bond drops his gun but still has one?! And then it clearly shows scaramanga looking at the mannequin because you can see the broken- not bent- fingers, then suddenly it's bond with a gun and unbent fingers. Honestly kinda ruined the already not that climactic ending for me.
Pete Bristo
It's 1974
Grumpy Cat
LOL..too easy..
they really need to make it better then..
well.. it is 1973
Brett Lloyd
Walther ppk was originally used by Germans during ww2, Adolf Hitler used a ppk to kill himself, they were later used by German police
gary viola
The fake Bond fingers were broken off at the tips on his left hand.
Count Dooku!!
Anthony Jonas
Jigsaw gotta up his game.
Anthony Jonas
Black guy wants a piece of dat white ass so bad. She even covered her belly feeling his looks. Bet she took the pipe.
Dinner with Herve sent me here
Victor Lopez
Dinner with Hervé brought me here.
Marcelo Merchan
My first Bond movie. One of the best!
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