Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala | India Lucknow full view | Top Videos 2 days ago   02:36

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Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum) is the capital of the southern Indian state of Kerala. It's distinguished by its British colonial architecture and many art galleries. It’s also home to Kuthira Malika (or Puthen Malika) Palace, adorned with carved horses and displaying collections related to the Travancore royal family, whose regional capital was here from the 18th–20th centuries. - Birdabo | kids friendly

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Sir,Can I use your drone footage for my new blog video,will you charge or strike a copyright for using your drone footage,please let me know if you will not charge then may i use
Dr Nawaf Ahammed
Where's Greenfield , temple
ku ha
Less than 0.0001% of the city covered
Sameer Shaikh
💖 I Love Keral 💖
Job Zone
Photography amazing
Bhanu Pratap Singh
You Forget Asia Biggest IT Park "TechNo Park"
Sajan K Mathew
Green City... Clean City..
Krishna Dev
Why repeating the same shots again and again
Krishna Dev
U guys just took 2 shits & playing it repeatedly
Niku singh
All I can see is church and mosque Had they driven out Hindu and razed temples ?
Ru Fu
not nice
Manoj Kumar
Really bad video with even worse music. Ch**iya are you going for a war.
Manoj de Cochin
Veruthea aakashathil ninnu photo eduthu kaanichu aalukale pedippikkathea, Keralam vruthiyaakki vaykkaan shramikku. Ithokke kandittu foreigners ividea varumbol enthaanu kaanuka? Road muzhuvan theruvu pattikalum chavarum. Enthoru nanakkedu! Keralam Japan pole vruthiyaakki vaykkanam.
wow this is amazing
s9 ka9
My heart My city
Debangsu Sarkar
Is this an ad for Gionee?😅
Love & Love
Bgm pwolichu... But സ്ഥലങ്ങൾ കവർ ചെയ്തത് അത്ര പോരാ ...എത്ര സ്ഥലങ്ങൾ TVM il und.. Avide okke koodi poy shoot cheythoode... 😒
Nelson K yohannan
superb city
Tipu Sultan
Wow Amazing
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Lucknow full view | Top Videos Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala | India 2 days ago   10:36

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Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and it has always been a multicultural city. Courtly manners, beautiful gardens, poetry,
music, and fine cuisine patronized by the Persian-loving Shia Nawabs
of the city are well known amongst Indians and students of
South Asian culture and history. Lucknow is popularly known as
The City of Nawabs. It is also known as the Golden City of the
East, Shiraz-i-Hind and The Constantinople of India.



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