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I Noticed Him In All The Pictures I Make. What | I Didn't Respond To My Boyfriend's Farewell - At Up-Tube.com

I Noticed Him In All The Pictures I Make. What I Didn't Respond To My Boyfriend's Farewell 2 days ago   07:05



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Hi! I’m Patrice but my friends call me Patty. I’ve always had a dream to become popular, you know. Like a real superstar or something, so that everybody would see me and whisper “Hey, that’s the girl...” and stuff. I’ve been working so hard for my dream come true for the last year and it did come true… sort of.

Everything started when I saw the first bloggers on the internet. I was amazed by their lives and their abilities, like financially I mean. For me, it seemed to be the easiest way to success and fame, so I’d decided to become a blogger myself.

However, I faced my first problem as soon as I started, because I didn’t know how to blog. I would just post pretty much everything. It was like “Here I am going to school” or “Hey! Look at my lunch today” and so on. Of course, I had some followers, about 500 people I guess, but they were either my friends and family members, or some advertising accounts, so it didn’t satisfy me much. I even tried once to devote my blog to my hamster Polly, but she seemed to be a totally unsocial animal and that idea failed.

Once I was sitting at home and looking through my blog page and all the posts on it. I could feel how pathetic my blogging efforts were because my photos were far from being like those I’d seen on my favorite blogger’s pages, and my texts were definitely not a philosopher’s thoughts. I had almost decided to give up my idea when I suddenly realized that somebody somehow showed up in almost every photo and video of mine that was taken at my place, except for me, of course.

It was my creepy neighbor Alan who lived across the street from me. He had recently moved to the neighborhood with his parents and he was totally weird. He wore the same long sleeve shirt whenever I saw him in real life. Nobody talked to him at school, as far as I knew. Some people even thought that he had some mental and psychiatric disorders. Of course, he seemed to suddenly get caught by my camera’s lens, either appearing from around the corner or staring from his garden at me while I was taking a selfie in my own garden, but I felt strange about it.

I shared my thoughts about probably being stalked by a local weirdo and that was it. My followers seemed to want to share my page with their friends or something, because I got a couple of hundred more subscribers that following week. Of course, the majority of my fans, so to speak, were from our town, but it didn’t matter – my fame had found me. Once two girls had even come up to me at the local mall to say hi and they said they knew me because of my weird neighbor. I kept posting my regular photos but this time it had turned into a quest for my followers to find a stranger in them in the comments.
This excitement over me being famous lasted, for me, no more than two weeks, when I suddenly realized that my neighbor Alan had been actually stalking me. And this time, everything was done on purpose. I will give you an example. Once, I was in the kitchen trying to cook dinner when I noticed that Alan was staring at me from his window. I would think that this was a coincidence, but when I went to my bedroom and looked out the window, I once again saw him in his attic window still looking straight at me. I got a little scared and worried, but tried to calm myself down, thinking that my eyes were just playing tricks on me.

And you know what? I couldn’t sleep well because of all that stuff. I had really bad nightmares that somebody was watching me, like 100 percent of the time and I had even woken up in a cold sweat a couple of times. This almost drove me completely nuts, so I decided to go and talk to this strange guy and ask him why he was stalking me.
I thought he’d deny that fact, but he didn’t even try to. He told me that he noticed me trying to film every step of my life on camera, he'd gotten interested in it, and just wondered why I would want do this. But then he came across my blog page on the internet, saw my post about him, and had gotten offended. After that, he started to follow me on purpose as a sort of revenge.

I don’t know why but I became really angry and started to shout at him that he had no right to do that, because he scared me a lot. Then I fired a warning shot saying that if he doesn’t stop doing what he’s been doing, I’d call the police. I turned away from him and set off for home when I heard him say that he didn’t see the difference between letting people follow you online or in real life.

I entered my house so furiously, that even my mom, who was in the kitchen, noticed how nervous I was. I didn’t want to tell her the whole story so I just said that I hated that creepy guy who lives across the street from us...

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Kate Wall
The amount of fakers was 500 I think.
Peppa Pig Edits
I think Alan is a great guy 👍
Peppa Pig Edits
Her: I have only 500, aaaaah

Me: weird flex but okay
There is so much power on her “s”
Animated Trash
1:11 the hamster’s face is so adorable qwq 🐹
lunathewolfdevil 11000
Hehe I have scars on my legs even cuts☹😥
Your in the wrong don’t make fun of people
tan tran

One like to set trap non-deadly
The doge Fanners
Her voice sounds like she would make a good narrator
Wait so even the bathroom pics-
Stoopd boii
684? I think
AnthonyPLAYZ Games
Same voice
"My friends call me patty"
Raya B
Lauren Hicks
Anyone else hoping she would get together with Alan or have I just been watching too many chick flicks?
idk hi
look at my lunch! also her: just pooped myself! oops!
Alexis Madrigal
My friends name is alen kinda acted like that he didn’t stalk though
Valeria B
BAHAHAHAHAHA " I don't think there is a difference between following someone on social media or in real life "
Blogs are boring af, I never understood why people made them or read them
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I Didn't Respond To My Boyfriend's Farewell I Noticed Him In All The Pictures I Make. What 2 days ago   08:37



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Hi! My name is Ava, I'm fifteen years old. I would like to share with you a story about a relationship I was in. There will be no happy-ending, but I hope that my experience will be useful for other girls who find themselves in a similar situation. This story is about how my boyfriend used me to feed his hungry ego.

I met him at a party that my high school friend, Emma, threw. Emma is a sociable, energetic, and straightforward girl, who's easy to hang out with. She invited me to her birthday party, where I met my future boyfriend ... however, at that moment, he was Emma's boyfriend. But I did not steal him from my friend! She was more than happy to give him to me.

This guy's name was Martin. And you know, he was the star of this party! He was cute and very active — he made funny jokes, making everybody laugh, he danced really cool, and fooled around with the microphone singing some kind of stupid karaoke songs... And I liked him a lot from the moment I saw him. I approached Emma and shyly asked her to introduce us. Emma giggled strangely and said that he was her boyfriend, but if I liked him, I could take him, and she would be happy to get rid of him. I thought it was a joke, and even laughed politely, although, in reality, Emma's words sounded so strange that I felt awkward and decided to leave the party as fast as possible.
But I did not get far — it started raining, and as I looked for my umbrella I realized that I had left it at Emma's house. I had to go back. And it was there that I witnessed of a very strange scene — Emma stood in the doorway and shouted at Martin: “Get out! I never, NEVER want to see or hear you again, leave me alone! ” After that, Emma went back into the house, and Martin left. When he passed me, his face seemed wet, not from rain, but from tears! He did not even notice me.

After that day Emma and I almost lost touch for some reason. So I did not feel constrained by my friendship with her anymore and decided to make a move on Martin. I found him on Facebook and sent him a private message. He replied and we started writing to each other. We didn’t have a lot of common ground for conversation, but Martin was more than happy to talk about himself, and I was happy to listen to him. Soon we went out in real life, and started a relationship.
I simply adored Martin. I could never imagine that guys, who were ready to devote every minute of their free time to their girlfriend, even existed! Every school day we went for a walk together after classes, we spent all of our weekends together, and in the evenings we texted each other until late at night! I was very glad that Martin enjoyed spending time with me, and when he told me that I was a hundred times better than his ex, I was honestly really flattered. I always thought that Emma was cool, but I was even cooler!

I was almost happy, and at first I did not realize that this perfect relationship also had a dark side — I was getting tired. Because of our texting until three AM, I was always sleepy. I even began to fall asleep during my classes, which caused problems at school. All my friends, one by one, got offended by me because I did not spend time with them anymore. But I just couldn't hang out with them! When I went somewhere with my friends, Martin always called me or texted me, and if I didn’t answer, he would get very upset and say something like he knew that I didn’t need him at all. But that wasn't true! I tried to explain, we'd argue, and then Martin would be sad for a few days and complain that he had headaches. I felt guilty and sorry for him.
In fact, I felt guilty all the time. It seemed that I was always doing something wrong and causing him terrible heartache. Sometimes I could not even enjoy taking a bath, because Martin texted me non-stop, and if I didn’t answer right away, he would call and tell me, with pain in his voice, that apparently he was not good enough for me. Oh, how tired I was! Sometimes Martin started to annoy me, but then I pictured in my head how my boyfriend was laying in his bed, curled up, and unhappy… BECAUSE OF ME! I felt so sorry for him that I tried to fix everything over and over again.

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com