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Professor 1V1 Vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks | - At Up-Tube.com

Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks 3 months ago   09:51

Professor Live
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Comments 3272 Comments

Jedi Greg
Prof - love your moves. Your haircut looks like someone cut it with a baseball bat however. You need to really really let it grow out and spike it or something - it just looks like a lesbian cut atm.
Nick Nick Ninja 11
Nigga got a Batmobile
W.R Foster
I love them dribbling skills man just totally sick...my brother played ball but I had the dribbling down...whooped him everytime lol
Homi can ball
New England Views
Professor has a pretty solid J
haibo yan
Chalkl8 Soup
I love profess buh u only showed dude #@ end one shot where's the rest
Joe Prince
Yo ain't no way you gonna see this but your intro is dope think it would be more fire if you do the move then say professor live.
Aidan Kane
How to bully as an adult 101
Luis Ortiz
President real talk in my own park
Ultimate master blaster 420 69
9:07 don’t want to ruin ya new shoes
Saul Garcia
Lameass crowd
paul fernandez
This thin, slight, short young man is a remarkable player and person. So kind, courteous, and he plays with outstanding sportsmanship. The skills he demonstrates are incredible. People like him so much because of his positive personality! Notice how his dribbling skills allows him to get super close to the basket for high percentage shots vs. his opponents who have to shoot from further away. Over time he will beat almost any basketball player probably except for the pros, and maybe even some of the pros in 1-1. Super entertaining guy!
Zachary Pedersen
7:05, that bald dude is going to need to go shopping for some new ankles!!! that is how you wreck someones life R.I.P
Adrian Giurca
Guy: Hey professor, did you break any bones while playing basketball?
Professor: Yeah, all 13 ankles
yrnEJ 2x
I always wanna Kno who's better bone collector or professor
Matt Conski
Grande the professor insegna la regola dell'altezza critica a questi dilettanti
Pasindu Danthanarayana
How isn't he in the NBA?
Cubing King
5:30 Had me dead when it said "I just want for you to go home with ankles"
Celluler Sweller
Fun and fittness,the world over is how it should be.
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Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks 3 months ago   07:12

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