Snake Built with Logic Logisim Tutorial - Part 2: Basic 5 months ago   18:29

Snake built in Logisim.

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Descriptions for each major part
2:03 Part 1: Display
3:43 Part 2: Direction control
6:45 Part 3: Memory
8:15 Part 4: Game logic
10:54 Part 5: Program
16:10 Gameplay

I labeled most things, so pause if you need to read something

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Can you please send me the file of the part in which you make the scoreboard? Ive been trying for DAYS but I cant seem to get it
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Really good videos, not sure if you are using this channel still but great videos. Hope you continue with these series :')
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Logisim Tutorial - Part 2: Basic Snake Built with Logic 5 months ago   04:51

A basic Logisim tutorial. I was still sick, when making this.
Sorry about the resolution, I recorded only a region, and it got tight ;)

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