Awesome Way to get Free Solder from Make a Soldering Iron With 1 day ago   02:01

Creating Creations
In this video I will show you how to get Free Solder from old circuit boards!

This video was produced by Micah for Creating Creations.

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Make a Soldering Iron With Awesome Way to get Free Solder from 1 day ago   02:41

How to solder & make emergency repairs anywhere with just a lighter.
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I've seen this posted before but thought I should share my take on soldering anywhere without hydro or even a soldering iron. Using the lighter, tape and a piece of metal rod (also could use solid core copper wire) you can do field repairs anywhere.

I have used this method a few times over the years. When a chipmunk decided to chew off the fuel pump wiring I was able to use this to get the car back in business miles from the nearest town.

Handy skill when you need it. You can also grab a portable iron and supplies here:

Fire is hot
Lighters contain Butane
Butane goes boom when hot
Combining the above without sufficient grey matter results in Darwin award.
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