USC VILLAGE APARTMENT TOUR 2017 USC Sorority House Tour! 6 months ago   08:18

Julienne Dawidoff
An exclusive tour of the brand new USC Village. Room and floor amenities shown! Enjoy

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Nandita Sudha Tiwari
I had an OCD attack seeing this apartment. 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️Sorry.
Life Memos
Were you already friends with your roommates right now or you had moved in alone and then met them?
Joann Basilio
Also, is there a parking garage for the village? If so, how much is a pass? Thanks in advance!
Joann Basilio
Thanks for sharing this video! Do the rooms come with the couches and tables?
Lyrical Web Design
Chrissy is not impressed
lil uzivert
If i dont get accepted im killing myself
Ashley True
Target is RIGHT NEXT DOOR? They’ll get tired of me there. 😂
Cadee Kim
Bob Jimenez
is this a 3 person suite? or a 4 person loft? no floor option online looks like this
Sandeep Ghate
I love itttt
zaid alkawaz
thanks for these information I want to ask you about price and distance between university of south Carolina and dorm also if you can give me your email because I will join USC after 6 months .
Do u know if as a LLM (master in Law) foreing student, could I get a dorm like your one? Or what kind of dorm could I get?
Colston Rienhoff
Allen Bohanan is a better USC youtuber!
Harold Wagner
USC? where is that? U. of SouthCarolina? What;s so different from any other college dorm. Hope U can afford the $60,000 tuition (university of spoiled children). Seriously, best of luck to U and the students.
Sunny Dsouza
Is this dorm the same throughout the village >?
Faith M
where did you find your posters?
Shivani Parepally
How hard is it to get in to USC village? How do freshman apply?
Afiqah MJ
Im jealous damn this dorm is a goals
Uduak Nkanga
loveeeeee the dorm!
Your dorm is really nice!!!
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USC Sorority House Tour! USC VILLAGE APARTMENT TOUR 2017 6 months ago   04:25

Hey everyone! Today's video is a tour of my sorority house at USC! So many of you have wanted to see what it looks like inside a gorgeous sorority mansion so I hope you enjoy seeing my house on the row! Make sure to also watch my sorority room tour!

xoxo Alex

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