Trump Argentina Cold Open Alec Baldwin Challenges His Wife 3 months ago   06:53

Saturday Night Live
Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) gets an update about the Robert Mueller probe from Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon) and Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), and he confronts Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) about his handshake with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (Fred Armisen) at the G20 Summit in Argentina.

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Anti Generic
“Bitc* you want oil or not” 😂
darren lennox
Funny part love the hands: "Because I'm a Nationalist" lol
Victoria Vinson
Bitch - you want oil or not? LOL
cell pat
Boy the company he keeps says a lot about him. 👎
*what did nationalism ever do to europe* 😂😂😂😂
Martin Ga
Oh SNL, as racists as ever..
Patricia Loaiza
You rock beautiful and funny mag-os of GOD!
Jessyca Gering
Donald Trump piece of shit!!!
Gina Armstrong
Love it!!
Free Speech
These guys are doing a great job faking like that fake tRump. Thumbs up SNL
Daily Anime
"Bitch you want oil or not"
Wilma FistFit
Kate McKinnon as Rudy Galliani is so funny. I love it.
Twilight Gardens presentations
She’s a great Giuliani but a shitty muller
Twilight Gardens presentations
This melania is hotter
Bill Blazer
you know you libs suck dick now know why dont watch snl.anymore. didnt see you pick on mixed boy oboma first half black american.
Bill Cosby
Bitch you want oil or not!"
Raafia Sabir
Vladi Dadi! 😂
Raafia Sabir
Alec Baldwin is incredibly genius! 😂
James Page
Carrington Copes
The Legendary Ben stiiler in this segment is hilarious....
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Alec Baldwin Challenges His Wife Trump Argentina Cold Open 3 months ago   02:37

Alec Baldwin interrupts his interview with Jimmy to challenge his wife to a push-up contest.

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Alec Baldwin Challenges His Wife to a Push-Up Contest