Homies Try Hipster Beer TOP HUSBAND VS WIFE ULTIMATE FUNNY 10 months ago   05:01

It's true. We did a craft beer tasting with homies. And this is what happened.

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Rob S.
🍺 🍺 😎 😎
Priscilla G
Scar "them hipsters been doing their work, been doing some leprechaun shit" 😂😂😂😂
Wilkes-Barre Wrestling
Wilkes-Barre Wrestling
You start em off with a fucking Gose? You were just trying to make sure they hated this shit hahaha.
stephanie owens
I am not a hipster beer drinker but the PB Stout is phenomenal when you make a pork butt~ char it in the skillet with an espresso seasoning and add a chocolate pb espresso beer to the roast in the crockpot and you will be loved at your next get together!
foodporn with Ronnie and Ruby
In the UK cider is ghetto brew ..haha
Big Hungry
Yoooooooo.. home girl on the right... HALLA.... my style girl... "Can I get the 40 one"
Billy Wilson
Good role models kids, pay attention.
Derk Donahue
It's Modelo Time
Mark Lemus
That little cholita can get it.....
Both Cholitas!
Skatin 6z
Nun But Wanna Bs Busters
The Unkown Russian
I’m here from this short movie including these guys people.
Chris H
Think I grew up on the wrong side of the country.
soumya bhattacharjee
Have stone cold Steve Austin try these!
Damn, the fine one didn't even have all of her teeth...
Amed Sanchez
4:00 Cholo to the left: "I just wanna try it because I know I'm never gonna do it again
Benji Ramirez
Mary K is a make up company my mom used to work for and that comment felt surreal
C Heath
If you need a cooler for ya beer it means you aint drinking it fast enough...
Throwing pearls at swine .
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TOP HUSBAND VS WIFE ULTIMATE FUNNY Homies Try Hipster Beer 10 months ago   11:19

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