Homies Try Hipster Beer TOP HUSBAND VS WIFE ULTIMATE FUNNY 1 year ago   05:01

It's true. We did a craft beer tasting with homies. And this is what happened.

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Wtf these vatos couldn't handle the double ipa but these skonkas loved it lol.
Moua Xiong
Lol ya u like the black one aite lol
Pamela Hernandez
Great Job with the beer👅😀
I wonder what Nor Cal cholos think of this
Lizard Man
That guys face tattoos reminds me of god of war
Ahmed Mahmoud
I never drank beer in my life and I know it's just wrong to drink beer like this
Matt Borel
It's 1990 all over again.
Seth Burleigh
i wish they wouldve stuck modelo in one and see how they react tasting it blind.
Harlo Rexxamillion
The honeys was feeling that double Ipa tho frfr that shit is fire! That Red Hook Long Hammer from up here in seattle is the best in the biz tho!
Boots Art
2:50 💀🤣 shit had me dead
Jose Trujillo
If you take that Double IPA 22oz to a kickback you better sip it cause one beer is all you’ll need.
helllo hello
3:54 this better not be piss and beer the r Kelly beer 😂
helllo hello
2:21 I would drink this even though I’m a little confused I would drink it 😂😂😂
elastic man
Stone Delicious IPA my favorite craft beer
Charlie Manson
What's the background song called
Y does homeboii have a scar on his face. Is, he a NO GOOD?
Saint Issa
Check deep what those putos are putting in the weed, it may be legal but buy only from the homies.
Research what foil, stainless steal straws , soda cans, and certain containers do to your body and mind over years of use.
Bo Darville
I drink Miller High Life mostly but like IPA funny how the girls liked it and the Danny Trejo brothers said it was too strong.
Dead Inside
Mexican girls are crazy af. Trust me i dated 3
Lee Bartlett
The hynas showed the homies up at the end lol...and both those hynas are fine...
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TOP HUSBAND VS WIFE ULTIMATE FUNNY Homies Try Hipster Beer 1 year ago   11:19

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