Cold case: Upstate New York Indiana missing: What happened 2 days ago   20:18

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Fifteen minutes. That's all it should've taken for Audrey May Herron to drive from work to home. How did a beloved mother of three simply vanish while driving? Where could she have gone? It's a mystery 15 years in the making.


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She wasn’t armed.
This would never happen to my wife.
Because she is deadlier then calamity Jane and Annie Oakley put together .
She will blow your balls off if she even thinks you are looking at her sideways .
And that includes me.
That’s your only defense ladies learn how to use a fire extinguisher and a pistol,
They are the same thing.
For putting out fires.
Or don’t.
And end up like this here nurse did.
Jung Ha
If the husband had murdered his wife, his daughters should have known something, like fight or DV, between the couple.
It's almost 7am & here I am...

Ugh she was beautiful & so are her girls. Her poor mother! My 💙 breaks for all of them. Hope they find answers one day.. Never give up! 💙💙🙌🏼
Jakob Benson
Ohhhhh Jeff. Jeff. Jeff.... what have you gotten yourself into?
Mary R Guy
father-in-law is a liar and a creep!
M Detlef
Who the HELL goes to FLORIDA just for AUGUST??????!!!???
Lisa Harrison
This makes me sad, I’m also a Nurse with kids, hope to god they find her and peace going forward, something feels of about this, nothing found at all, they usually find a lead ?
I'm wondering if the father-in law's 1 theory maybe correct. Could they have had someone kidnap her on her way home, kill her then driven the vehicle and her body to the docks? Vehicle and body could have been loaded onto a shipping container bound for Russia hmmm :(. I hope LE have looked to see if there were any Russian ships at any docks or ships bound for Russia around the time of her disappearance. JMO
Borgo Pass
Audrey's father knows the truth now. Rest In Peace Audrey.
Whoever took her and most likely murdered her will answer to God for what they did. God sees everything. Usually when a vehicle and it's owner is never found it means that the vehicle has been crushed and recycled or driven into some kind of deep water. Now if her husband was the culprit he couldn't have gone very far. He would need to get rid of his wife and car and ensure he got home again. If he drove a long distance he would have to face that long distance back and he wouldn't be driving. So if he was involved, then he disposed of wife and car at a shorter and safe distance so he could make it back home early and then contact the police by morning to report her missing. Having a car crushed in the middle of the night is not plausible. That means he somehow disposed of the car in a body of water or hid it very well somewhere. The other option is that he was not involved and she was abducted by a complete stranger, someone she stopped for. If that was the case he had about six hours of a head start. If that is the case then she could be anywhere. If her husband was involved then an area of approx...10 sq miles needs to be searched, especially bodies of water if they exist.
Sarah holland
Dad had 'interesting' & very specific view on what happened: & also seemed slightly drunk (slurring, laughing at odd moments)
Frank Sears
I find these videos irritating more than anything else. None of the cases ever get solved
Great America
The police should check to see if anyone rented an excavator or a construction company used an excavator around or near the area where a hole could be dugged. Have they checked the golf course and interviewed his coworkers? Have they checked old barns standing or fallen down?
Lily Dale
Father in law. She’s dead, then
18.01 “or her in a contai ...
(stops himself)
Vehicle in a container ...
Was that a slip
She’s in a container in the vehicle that is also in a container shipped some place
... Like Russia ?
Sandy Price
So Jeff declines an interview with the reporter on here. And the bitch knocks on his door anyway??? You're pretty fucking rude
Kaneesha woodson
The dad of the husband is suspect
Seema Khan
Nothing. There's nothing to go on in this case. Pretty baffling.
If my spouse went missing I don't think I would go out with search parties either. What if I found the body by happenstance? I would be arrested for sure.
leeor shimhoni
no body, no viechele, no apparent motive, for 15 years.
someone did a very thorough/professional/costly effort at covering up his tracks.
what made the victim detour off her path back home?
a phone call.
she knew the perpetrator.
regan johnson
He says he knew...hmmm
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Indiana missing: What happened Cold case: Upstate New York 2 days ago   26:01

It should have been a time of celebration when a young Indiana couple was preparing for their rapidly approaching wedding day. Instead, all that’s left is one big mystery.