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Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon. Many would consider it one of, if not, the best television shows to ever exist. Adapted from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is the depiction of powerful families -- kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men -- playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne. In it's early seasons, praise could go excellent performances, perfect casting, but most importantly...amazing writing. But as the show progressed, it soon surpassed the novels. Forced to work with a rough outline for the rest of the series, Game of Thrones started to struggle notably in it's 7th season. The complex narrative web and a grey presentation of morality fell to the wayside as characters such as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryan become the standard, fantasy protagonists A Song of Ice and Fire originally subverted. With the conclusion to the story in Season 8 premiering in April 2019, fans were hopeful for the show to return to it's roots and stick the landing. But after a slow, uneventful two episodes, some are left wondering...How has Game of Thrones lost its magic?

In this video, Hoodie seeks to answer the question by comparing some of the shows greated(or most underrated) scenes throughout the years to the ones in Season 8 Episode 1.

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Comments 1784 Comments

Game of Thrones lost it's magic way back when S5 started.
Timothy Wilkes
I miss the earlier seasons. I miss those old conversations between Arya and the brotherhood, something warming and special about it.

"I'm just the lucky drunk who says the words."
Jerard Hooks
The core problem with the conflict in season 8 is that there really shouldn't have been any. Realistically, the North had no business wanting to be independent going into a decade winter. They had been at war for years and all of their farmers were fighting the various wars. They only reason that even sort of worked is because they had Sansa pull "enough food to last the winter" out of nowhere. Remember, Sansa had all of the northern lords bring their people and food to Winterfell in season 7. That would mean they have food for 100k+ thousand people. That totally negates any issues they would have with feeding the armies. A world ending threat is at most a week out and, even if they win, they will lose a considerable amount of their population. If they miraculously didn't lose anyone during the fight with the white walkers, they would have food for 5+ years. The show fucked up by cutting the fAegon plot and putting a bunch of characters without cause for natural conflict together.
jowelle dfouni
Thank you for this video, indeed reunions were so forced I didn't get any emotions out of them especially Jon and Arya's compared to their parting scene where it was in the beginning of the show but still touched me very deeply. The most important scene where Jon reveals his true identity happens off screen, this was so frustrating, "Bran tell them" and thats it. They refused us the reactions of Arya and Sansa. Anyone else got frustrated by this? Writing was so bad, thank god the actors and crew did an amazing job, however too bad it was butchered by the inconsistent writing...
Chris Benn
For me, it was only season 8 that was pure trash...
Alex Whybrow
OK even though it didn't serve a purpose, I love the reunion between Theon and Sansa.
Jeremiah Kane
This kind of bad writing and poorly executed character interactions were present in season 6 as well, the Jon-Sansa reunion for example; they hug each other, and then we cut away to them hours later talking about kidney pies or some bullshit, the conversion wasn't very meaningful and all the interesting stuff they should have talked about supposedly happened off screen for no other reason than... I guess they couldn't figure out how to write decent dialogue for 2 characters they'd been writing about for 5+ years at that point. And it just got worse with every season.
Fuck off
I noticed the downgrade in dialogue from season 6. The scene where Sansa confronts Littlefinger about marrying her off to Ramsay was suddenly just such a different style of writing. It was embarrassing
David Garcia
How's Sansa smart other than just telling people she's smarter than her? Or other people saying she's smart? That doesn't make her smart
09:15, ""... instead "beared" these..."

What the fuck is that?

The past tense of to bear is bore, like "...they bore no resemblance".

Maybe learn to speak English if you expect to be paid for your "journalism" at some point. Beared, lol, hilarious and from a so-called native speaker.

What shit standards of English they have in other places, really.
Filip Jeglic
Watching this video a month after Season 8 ended and this really feels nitpicky.
Yeah it's not perfect (1. episode), but it wasn't bad tbh...imo probably best episode in Season 8.
I know, this was made before...but still.

edit: But yeah I agree ofc...I wish Season 8 was great, but it wasn't.
Currently rewatching from the start and I can't believe how different these seasons are...Even shooting locations look real and memorable in previous seasons while in season 8 I kept having the feeling that everything is fake CGI. costumes looked dirty and rough in Season 1 as they should be but in season 8 everyone is dressed in high fantasy costumes, Dany especially looks like she just came out of a high elves fantasy.
Cerebral Cortex CEH
I knew there was BIG trouble in season 8 episode 1 when there was comedy, minus the laugh tracks, on several scenes in the episode. There were some witty comments throughout the series, but it never felt silly and stupid. Like Jon riding a dragon for his first time should have been a serious revelation for him and Dany, since only Targareyn's can ride dragons. Instead there was silly music and goofy scenes happening. Such a terrible fall from grace.
Matt Johnson
It was all just setup. Daenerys was played as snotty and entitled... shortly after falling in love with Jon and saying that she hopes she deserves his loyalty.

It was all really poor writing to justify and try to arrive at the conclusion of Dany going evil/conqueror... and it still wasn't very convincing. The wrote to the end, not to the characters and their previous behavior and words. The end didn't make sense tracking some of the major characters for the last couple seasons.
Bilz Domino
Good thing it got better...... 😢 better at being shitty
Tito Pabon Jr
S8 makes S7 look like a masterpiece! Way 2 much bad writing, plot armour and Dany goes Mad Queen in 1 episode! Dany should've attacked King's Landing in S7 when Dany had all 3 dragons and her allies!! She could depose Cersei! The Night King would never have killed Viserion and destroyed a piece of the wall! Tyrion WAS protecting Jaime and Cersei! Jaime also threw away his redemption arc 2 die with Cersei instead of killing her!
Miguel Delgado
ah, the privilege of criticize without being accountable. It' s easy, isn't it? If you are so good at creative writing, when can we have at least some fan fiction or even better a novel? No? Oh, come on, I'm sure you can stop playing Xbox and do something more constructive than pooping with such elegance.
Good observation
Eddison Tollett
Jon « Geatjon» Umber se1ep10: « My friends!.. My fiends!.. Here is what I say to these two writers. (spits). David Benioff is nothing to me, nor Dan Weiss neither. Why should they write over G R.R. M. from some shit in the script? What do they know of the books or the characters? Even their Gods are wrong!»
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Game of Thrones Finale: A Cheap Conflict in Dialogue: How Game of Thrones 1 day ago   23:37

The last episode of Game of Thrones shows how little the writers care about their fans. This whole episode felt that it was cheaply thrown together from footage that was leftover from previous episodes/seasons and that they put zero effort into it. This whole thing is a punch in the gut for everyone who watched this for the last 10 years.

I take a shot at the second to last episode of Game of Thrones, explain why it sucked and how it ruined not only the season but the entire series.

A review of the fifth episode for the 8th season of Game of Thrones. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

"The Thrones Effect" Available Now!
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 The Long Night SUCKED & I've Hated DB Weiss & David Benioff For Years...... Time To Let It Out

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