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St. Vincent & Dua Lipa | Masseduction / One Kiss | Dua Lipa - 'be The One' (Live At Capital's - At Up-Tube.com

St. Vincent & Dua Lipa | Masseduction / One Kiss Dua Lipa - 'Be The One' (Live At Capital's 4 months ago   03:07

St. Vincent
St. Vincent & Dua Lipa share the stage for mashup performance of their respective songs, 'Masseduction' and 'One Kiss.'

Listen to the MASSEDUCTION album:
STV Store: http://found.ee/StVincent_MASSEDUCTIONWebstore
Apple Music: https://found.ee/MASSEDUCTION_AppleMusic
Spotify: http://found.ee/StVincent_MASSEDUCTIONSpotify
Google: http://found.ee/StVincent_MASSEDUCTIONGooglePlay

CATCH ST. VINCENT ON TOUR: http://ilovestvincent.com/#tour

Facebook: http://found.ee/StV_FB-i
Twitter: http://found.ee/StV_TW-i
Instagram: http://found.ee/StV_IG-i

Connect with Dua Lipa: dualipa.com

#stvincent #dualipa #grammys

Comments 3609 Comments

AHHHHH, it's too much, I can not handle this.
devon ackerman
LJM Taylor
This gave me fanny flutters🔥🔥
Andrew Reed
Out of tune and out of breath disapointed, dua needs to do exercise and learn how to breathe properly
Phuck Oph
I hope your not part of the satanic shit that's going on in hellywood
Dr Esnetu
this is a performance and the rest is a ridicoulus. Bravo girls!!! It`s amazing!!! Enjoy the music!!
1:19 that lip bite though !!!
Otterly Skeptical
Hate to love the aspects of sexuality; and with all it brings. Beautiful performance, well thought-out
pangkor smith
I never like girls being cocky
Spitfire is My Captain
I can't stop watching this video..because Hot diggity damn!! It's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Corey Cooper
I wanna have sex with St Vincent
Tommy The Train
Zen Club
Socorro Tavares
Ui 🇧🇷
Полиграф Чугункин
im like rlly bored
ive watched this video for like a hundredth time now ::::)))
Brenda Mills
Sock it to me! I'd take them both but I get to do Dua first!
Looks like cameraman got punched.
I want a whole concert of these two together.
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Dua Lipa - 'Be The One' (Live At Capital's St. Vincent & Dua Lipa | Masseduction / One Kiss 4 months ago   04:49

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