Is Iran conducting secret sabotage British General Contradicts US Claim 2 months ago   06:59

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Saudi Arabia is claiming that an alleged "sabotage attack" took place against its tankers in the Gulf. The Kingdom's foreign ministry has called the reported incident a dangerous threat to navigation and international security. The United Arab Emirates also says that four commerical vessels were hit by "sabotage attacks" near the port city of Fujairah in the strait of Hormuz, off its eastern coast. Two of Saudi's oil tankers were among the targets. The alleged incidents come amid rising tensions between Iran and the US. Iran has called for a probe to find out who's responsible. Meanwhile, EU Ministers are meeting in Brussels today to try to salvage the Iran nuclear deal. After the US enacted new sanctions against Iran last week, Tehran threatened to pull out of the deal unless its European partners make concessions.

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sam M
US is behind all these, and Trump is show runner.
Stephanie Reid
Iran has taken blood money from the Federal Reserve. They are trying to provoke a war for Lord Rothschild’s art collection.
Wayne Wedderburn
Psalms 23: 27: 91:1-150
midnite fawn
Why everybody on this interview says I ran? Why do they run??!
Aaa Barbosa
I am happy someone did this
It would be secret if sabotage attack, duh.
Thomas Joseph
If anyone is conducting sabotage it will be the US or a US proxy. The US has been fomenting war with Iran for many years. The US is completely untrustworthy. Epecially Honest Mike Pompeo
Allan Simoes
Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has been talking of the Newly B52 bombers crashing at the US trial points and Blame it on somebody else but the Multi Trillion Military subcontracting the Electronic components Globally.
Pilot had died in the Trial runs.
GOD is the Unseen Eye not the masonic triangular eye.
Allan Simoes
The Saudi Arabia Kings are the Most Brutal in the Region and how come the Preachers of Democracy are allowing the Regime to last.
Aramco must be closed permanently from the Humanitarian Aspects and let Eric Prince's Blackwater Mercinnaries look after the Saudi Defence needs .
This will save the US tax payers Billions in defence Spending as the Petro Dollar was and is not now as good as Toilet Paper as there's no Gold backing the Petro Dollar.
Allan Simoes.
Puggerino Pug
LOL, suuuure they are. Iran was also behind the Gulf of Tonkin incident
Dx Fire
US should back for once.... Let's see who will be blamed....
John Shullai
I am sure, Iran’s economy and market conditions is doing well at present.. stay strong 💪
Things has become so small in this world now that every action is understandable..that’s where the world sees shrinking
This is CIA, Mossad and Saudi Arabia, Pathologic lies , the region is very calm if USA don't go running like a pyromaniac fireman. And what have the nuclear deal to do with the oils tankers???, This salad only interest the desert dogs, and the only one failing its obligations on nuclear agreement is USA ...We ll got it all: economic manipulation on petrol markets, to supremacy of Sunni Arab regimes over others (the spread of Wahabism and salafism) in the region, but what stability or humanitarian reasons? my ar.... they are bullying all countries in the region.What is the Political international Community doing in order to put USA in its place??? Cam'on get some balls...trump is big but not big thing, his a bluffer, pathological liar, sociopath, coward...shame on USA that chose such character, a guy playing god more than the Iranian theocracy supreme leader...lolololo
Billy Smith
The young folks of Iran would love to see the govt fall and a new govt for the people .The govt of Iran ie hard liners know this plus they are feeling the sanctions .Looks like a civil war would have to happen to over throw the hardliners , the hardliners have all the weapons so the Army would have to over throw the govt .I would guess 30 to 45 % support the govt the rest don't.
colin canton
Israel has been trying to get the United States to go to war with Iran for years, it is quite obvious that this is within their capabilities and in keeping with their geopolitical ambitions.... Its as plain as your nose but watch all of the corrupted politicians ignore the elephant in the room.
John sarab
Saudis have no more credibility than Trump.
Oja Z
If Saudi believes it's Iran...then she is really dumb....same gameplay by the Americans and all its likes....
rossana rossolini
I don t Think so. It us a false flag
Daniel Niefergold
Hello guys I am Pleased not to notice the similarities of these Staged and Fake Videos made by the NSA. Has No reporter doubts in these events? The USA Want to start a war on false evidence again... Weapons of mass destruction similar story again... Funny They announced Iran Guilty before any sure evidence....The Oil Price is to Low Fracking is not Viable anymore and some Countries are again working with IRAN. Donald Trump Wants to leave his miserble Mark in History. WARNING The Truth will come out one Day... But in the USA Only Withle Blowers go to prison not Lying Presidents who murder US Citizens. Land of the Free Criminals.
The USA Will start this War based on Lies again...
Porschen Hund
Nowadays news become jokes. Unfunny ones.
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British General Contradicts US Claim Is Iran conducting secret sabotage 2 months ago   10:04

British Major General Chris Ghika, the number two officer in the US led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, briefed Pentagon reporters on Tuesday and directly disputing what the Trump administration has been saying for the past ten days about Iran. As the New York Times reports, "The rare public dispute highlights a central problem for the Trump administration as it seeks to rally allies and global opinion against Iran."
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British General Contradicts US Claim Of Increased Threats From Iran | Hardball | MSNBC