Is Iran conducting secret sabotage British General Contradicts US Claim 2 days ago   06:59

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Saudi Arabia is claiming that an alleged "sabotage attack" took place against its tankers in the Gulf. The Kingdom's foreign ministry has called the reported incident a dangerous threat to navigation and international security. The United Arab Emirates also says that four commerical vessels were hit by "sabotage attacks" near the port city of Fujairah in the strait of Hormuz, off its eastern coast. Two of Saudi's oil tankers were among the targets. The alleged incidents come amid rising tensions between Iran and the US. Iran has called for a probe to find out who's responsible. Meanwhile, EU Ministers are meeting in Brussels today to try to salvage the Iran nuclear deal. After the US enacted new sanctions against Iran last week, Tehran threatened to pull out of the deal unless its European partners make concessions.

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Kam Ahmed
Iran not eyeran
Mystery Everlasting
Iran must stop all discussion, they are playing good cop bad cop with Iran. These 2 Barbarians, attempting to be civilized and reporting the news. Bizarre. America is the end for the barbarians. Their power will contract significantly and over the next 100 years they will end up back where they started prior to Rome invading them.
Pompeo on video said he a liar cheat as cia BOSS...
Shahid Baloch
Iran please attack to UAE
Jimbo Dunn
I want everyone to research The USS LIBERTY INCIDENT. when during the 6 days war one of our ships was attacked trying to start a war. US sailors were killed in life rafts. Our ship was attacked by jets with missiles. By torpedo boats and almost sunk by who? Who was machine gunning our sailors. In life rafts. I know. Do you?
Nederlandse Veteranen op Jungle missie
I would say USS LIBERTY
marty keller
I have an ignorant suspicion that the west would be better aligned with Iran than Saudia Arabia.
Barat Sohi
Iran does not need to sabotage because the Saudi crime family and his care giver AMERICA have a lots of enemy in MIDDLE EST and the world so waiting for opportunity like war against IRAN, then attack them from every where poor American SOLDIERS which used them as a toys.and crook policy maker make billion dollars.
Hashim Hasba
American need war to create business. War is business for American.
Gary Donnison
No !!!
Zeeshan Husnain
US is the axis of evil and biggest devil with little devils like Israel Saudi Arabia and UAE
Danny Ocean
Not really secret is it?!?!? Time for the mullahs to vaporize
Austin Carlson
Ocean side bombs......?
Taylor Trip Ray
In my own spirit the first thing coming into my mind is that I feel this was a first of many more to come false flag events, that will be allowed to take place within our country by our own government, so as to put the blame on either Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria Venezuela, and or/Turkey because they want the American people not to challenge or question the American government when it purposely begins bombing and engaging in WAR with either or all of these countries. Think about what happened to Iraq and Afghanistan right after 911, most of the American people, both Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats all joined in together to support the American governments WAR on Terror and upon these two countries because of being told that it was these two countries who were responsible for 911, the Pentagon and the anthrax attacks, also known as Amerithrax back in 2001, even though 19 of the 21 hijackers were all Saudi Arabian. (Looks like we bombed the wrong country if you ask me, Saudi Arabia has always been way more dangerous to the world and to America than both Iraq and Afghanistan put together, and Saudi Wahhabism is behind almost every Islamic terrorist cell that has ever existed.)

So continue to look for a build up of WAR and RUMORS of WARS rhetoric in the not to distant future in regards to those countries mentioned above because President Trump has been ordered by the Powers That Be To Bring America Into A Major WORLD WAR.

Why? For a number of reasons, but mainly because before there can ever be Peace there has to first be War! After War will come the great peace maker, the anti-christ who will set up and rule the New World Global Order, which will arise like a Phoenix out of the Ashes of Chaos, because according to the Cabal, Mason-ism, and the Illuminati, out of the Ashes of Chaos comes Order and President Trump is the forerunner to the anti-christ and even though he may not even know it or believe in it, in his quest to Make America Great Again without God, and without Prayer and Repentance Unto God, God is also using President Trump to pave the road for the anti-christ to come.

Also remember that America's economic outlook for the future is looking pretty bleak right now and if The Powers That Be leave things the way they are, with this future status quo coming, then they will stand to lose billions if not trillions of dollars, however WAR will not only continue to help The Powers That Be to make money while the rest of the world suffers the Casualties Of War, it will also help to pave the road for that anti-christ who comes to conquer and who makes peace by conquering. (Revelation 6:2)

So don't be fooled by the media being so quick to blame every little thing that happens in America and around the world on Iran/North Korea/Russia/Syria/Turkey/Venezuela etc;...etc;...especially when an American Aircraft Carrier like the Abraham Lincoln gets destroyed and/or sunk or when a truck bomb goes off and blows up the Golden Gate Bridge or when a nuke goes off under the ocean waters off the east coast of America to create a thousand foot tsunami that destroys several major east coast cities where tens of thousands if not millions die, because most likely these events will have been facilitated by our own government to help with the Global New World Orders Plan of Bringing America down economically to the level of a Third World Country so it can then become more manageable to the anti-christ and his global government and his mark of the beast system.
Fat Albert
Always amazes me how many know-nothing leftists in the West are willing to accept anything Iran says.
Freud Ba
Saudi Arabia and Islam is now our best ally,wow? why am I not surprise?
Mer Ven
Iran also threw the babies out of incubators. Oh wait..
Damian Luch
Iran must nuke up asap if it wants to survive
Luis Ostrie
Fake Flag of the Yankees
DW are journalists from a vassal state, so try to spread doubts about Iran's behavior.

The false flag is something used by the Yankees to justify their aggressions
cristina lexy
are USA embassies around the world next Iran target?
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British General Contradicts US Claim Is Iran conducting secret sabotage 2 days ago   10:04

British Major General Chris Ghika, the number two officer in the US led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, briefed Pentagon reporters on Tuesday and directly disputing what the Trump administration has been saying for the past ten days about Iran. As the New York Times reports, "The rare public dispute highlights a central problem for the Trump administration as it seeks to rally allies and global opinion against Iran."
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British General Contradicts US Claim Of Increased Threats From Iran | Hardball | MSNBC