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The Corvette Zr1 Just Crushed The Ford | 2019 Ram Rebel Vs Tundra Trd Pro Vs Mud: - At Up-Tube.com

The Corvette ZR1 Just Crushed The Ford 2019 Ram Rebel vs Tundra TRD Pro vs Mud: 10 months ago   02:56

Cars, Costs and Technology
The 2019 Corvette ZR1 just beat out the Ford GT and Viper ACR as the fastest production car around Virginia International Raceway!

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justin baird
For gt would be good if they swapped it with an ls
Crushed?? Clickbait fucker.
I ain’t claiming to be any kind of expert, but aren’t these cars on completely different playing fields?
The ford gt is an extremely high downforce race-car for the road kind of vehicle.
And from what little I know, the zr1 likely is your standard fr corvette, with proper suspension, lower downforce (than the gt) and likely stickier tires.
This is a quite technical course.

I figure the gt is faster in sweeping corners where the downforce comes into play, but in technical stuff, the corvette wins hands down.

Once again, I don’t claim any abundance of knowledge on the topic, I’m just your average engine nut.
Armienta 62
The engineer is a professional driver look him up he raced gt1 cars.😂😂😂 On top of that Ford says the GT has more in it especially since they weren't using the competition package ford gt that rudeces alot of weight. Ford does have the ZR1 gapped!!!!! Fords just not into lap times
Gerry Cooney
Ford GT is over-priced and uncomfortable.
Frankie the arms
The ford Gt is a money maker!!!! lf i had half a million, i would buy one in a heart beat. WHY!! because i can sell that in 2 years for 3 times that amount. So wow ! The Corvette fastest production car around Virginia International Raceway! The ford Gt looks 100 times better then the Corvette. The Ford Gt is a real exotic , super car. Same is said about the Viper. The Viper is 100 times nicer looking then The corvette. If the viper was still in production, it will put the Corvette to shame. My 2004 Dodge viper is a head turner EVERY TIME I DRIVE IT. Why, because you don't see them. i see maybe 3 to 5 Corvettes a day. i see maybe 1 to 3 Vipers a year. Every time i drive my Viper and a corvette owner see's me. 2000 to 2018 Vette what ever year , they are dying to come next to me and race or just look at the car. Don't get me wrong i like the vette. i had a 2007. But when you see the car on the road all the time. When you can lease one. lol You will never see a Ford Gt on the road. and will not see many Vipers.
deshira brinson
Put nos on the Ford and have a rematch with the CHEVY.
Darren Chee
V6 vs v8 that's why
Corvette World Rob
The ZR1 will break under 7:00 at Nurburgring. I saw the unofficial numbers stuff, they don't mean anything, every new car has to be learned through, and that's what they were doing. When they do it for real, it'll be in the upper 6:00's.
William Felix
There is more to this then meets the eye.

This isn't true at all.

Nothing has been confirmed.

The ZR1 is fast there certain reasons pointed out by some articles and people that commented. but ITS not faster that the gt

Lol you thought you could slip by that easily huh? Chevy fanboys.
Caught your hand in the cookie jar.

Now you deserve spanky spanky.

Bring in the gt500 and updated Ford gt.
let's teach this Chevy girls some lessons yet again
Lord Rimuru
Ford made huge mistake not using V8 engine in Ford GT!
Lawrence Fearon
Viper Nation says- we still have 12 track records in effect, including Willow Springs where the ZR1 and FGT failed to break the ACR's track record.
Rick Harrison
Damn gm engineers have always been the best
I'm very happy with my Z06. Aiming for ZR1
Joey Robles
No it didn't lol there are many factors that come into play, the zr1 was driven by a extremely talented driver you dumbass the engineer has been driving since he was a kid don't make videos on things you know nothing about the ford gt driver wasn't even trying to make a record and it wasn't the actual competition model so y'all need to stop sounding stupid by making a video without actual facts
Dominic Sosa
the driver in the gt was just cruising ....when they yold him yo you broke a record he was dang i wasnt even trying ...Zr1 driver is a race car driver shut up chevy wiss depreciate in 3 months cause its made of plastic ....junk
Dominic Sosa
you wish hahaha ...
"Not even a professional racing driver." That might be an unreasonable comparison, considering engineers often hold lap times on par or better than the pros. It's kinda like the one squirrelly local guy who can hang with the pros when they come to town and race on his track.
The Magnificent Seven!
Still King of the Hill!
Mac's Motovlog
Hahahahaha not even a pro racer just a mechanic 😂😂😂 goes to show how the average Joe can get one and outrun super cars
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2019 Ram Rebel vs Tundra TRD Pro vs Mud: The Corvette ZR1 Just Crushed The Ford 10 months ago   18:45

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