The Messed Up Origins of Our Favourite Cartoons The WORST Movie Mistakes That 11 months ago   12:53

You may think your favorite cartoons are all fun and games, but many of them have dark and downright twisted origins. Here are the Messed Up Origins of Your Favorite Cartoon Scripts!
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Sans the Cat!!!!
This is crazy. Goodbye childhood and hello twisted adult hood
.....and this is the most annoying voice I've ever heard.
Rachelle Carley
Pans not the god of rape and torture...
Rebecca Ferguson
I would have thought she had sewn her legs back together.. mind you it is TOTALLY NOT on the cover of the video
Demonwolf Felflame
The little mermarid isn't even the worst story of Hans Christian Andersen in my opinion. The ugly duckling is worse... Well, it ends happily, but it's about a duckling that gets bullied it's whole life, just because it's bigger, and is a bit darker than normally. It grows up, and turns out to be a swan. Then everyone see how perfect it is, it just had to get white.
Jeremiah Driscoll
Pan was god of nature in greek mythology
Charging Star
Damn, sleeping beauty was raped??? Basically the origins of the stories comes from shit ppl do everyday
Black Jack
"...Winnie the Pooh..."

Matt Sugui
Peter Pan is a thief
Joel Mathis
Khairul Iman
Wait the sleeping beuty kinda wrong the real movie is she give her stepmother iron shoe with glowing fire and she wear it then she can't stop dancing and die
Peter Pan ; you don’t want to DIE children?

Children: No we don’t want to die from we will die by fall
I disagree with the uploader completely. Why wouldn't we want children to see reality? If we sheild them from everything, its more likely to happen to them because they don't know anything. They're ignorant, stupid and gullable because of people like this,
Sydney Novak
In the little mermaid the prince ends up marrying the sea witch and Ariel kills herself
Schwifty Tiger
you can do a similar video on the entire studio ghibli films check them out origins on those are just as bad as disney if not in some cases worse.
Joe Kurdish
Definitely the sleeping beauty 🤮🤮🤮
Dexter Wildt
Sweaty Wyjee
I seed the old version of the little mermaid
moonbear 1
Pan is the green god of nature
Ukraine Klaviku
Who else feels bad for Casper :(
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The WORST Movie Mistakes That The Messed Up Origins of Our Favourite Cartoons 11 months ago   14:54

10 Movie Mistakes Animators Made Without Getting Caught
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