Episode 14: Mad for Tea | Descendants: Wicked World Sofia The First - A Kingdom of My Own Song 1 year ago   03:56

Disney Descendants
Despite solving multiple dress fiascos, Mal and Evie’s good intentions backfire when their help further arises suspicion from the AKs.

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The villain kids’ story continues with animated shorts, Descendants: Wicked World! Join Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos as they discover what the future holds for them at Auradon Prep. Meet new characters from the Isle of the Lost and Auradon, see more wicked fun adventures, and experience Descendants in a whole new way!

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Sevag Melkonian


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zaveion cookie love Jones
Captain Hooks daughter where is Tinkerbell😀😀 big Disney fan love all Disney characters make a Disney Descendants Wicked World anime series😀 Alice in Wonderland ally Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter returns a the dark version of Alice in Wonderland video game the darkest video game Alice in Wonderland make a dark game for Disney Descendants Wicked World where are characters call ally dark game healthy characters get out the dark Alice in Wonderland universe Before Time Runs Out make that game Disney please would be good Justin it would be a good descendants Wicked World game ally 😀
Princess Blessing
1:27 or 1:28
Princess Blessing
Blanca Ecker
love you evie
Nereida Rosario
It's funny how in d 3 evie and audrey are not friends at first but here they are???
Daniel Fenton
Ally has the pan flag rose crown and I'm so happy someone is representing up in a DISNEY SHOW
Thanks for having me too much
Michali Haber
This series should be on Netflix
Chelsea Mendez
I really don’t like ally she blames mal and the vk for every thing like really
gachagirl 11army
Mal said that she loves ally's dress yet Ally said that MAL is jeolous of her dress ALLY, GIRL, LISTEN TO ME, YOU'RE DRESS LOOKS FINE GIRL ITS FINE BUT MAL OOF GIRL THAT DRESS IS ON FIRE!
gachagirl 11army
Ally has a attitude
Yeyen Irawan
I like evie
Althea May RJ
1:12 and backup deaccessories lol
Mia Pellegrini
Loooooove evil
Aidsa Paz
Why does it sound instead of the Vk being mean it A kids being mean to them?
Kenny Tan
Whose here after Cameron Boyce RIP😩
Indie Arianto
I love descendants
Hybrid Beastling
Evie said cartoon
Hybrid Beastling
Here’s a question is Wendy’s daughter in the Descendants or Pete from Pete’s Dragon or perhaps Tarzan and Jane’s kid
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Sofia The First - A Kingdom of My Own Song Episode 14: Mad for Tea | Descendants: Wicked World 1 year ago   02:27

Oh no! Princess Ivy has entered Enchancia and has revealed her plans to overthrow King Roland and turn the kingdom black and white!

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