Most Unexpected Videos On The Internet International BBQ Taste Test (GAME) 2 days ago   14:35

Good Mythical Morning
Can Link figure out what happens next in these r/Unexpected videos?  GMM #1547
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Comments 1642 Comments

Lee Sang Sup Yeong
lol the fish video was from brazil
The Johnson Fam
7:49 *Its obviously...*
Tammy Green
I knew the Bill Nye one cause I’ve actually seen that video online lol
I laughed waaay to much on that gold cart clip
polite spoon
...but. i own a snake.
A Cincinnati mohawk, lmao. Better than a Cleveland steamer.
grey reese
Collab with Molly Burke
Nigel Cooper
dat wink tho 6:56 and 13:59
It's a punyishment
Maya Johnson
lol I my siblings once went on an elevator with bill nye
I wonder if Link knows what is happening on his tshirt 🤔😂
I Don’t Have A Name Tho
Morgan is cute lol
Flying Sandwich Mapping
one of these days, d is going to be the answer
Oxtian Universe
Mr. Rabbi Dude
*OMG I got all except the snake one* 😯 This never happens ❗❕😂😂
Andrew Philcox
Fish jumping were silver carp aka Asian carp
Iron Tarkus999
Rhett and link doing reddit videos? Nice.
Cecil McWilliams
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International BBQ Taste Test (GAME) Most Unexpected Videos On The Internet 2 days ago   14:51

Can we identify where in the world this BBQ comes from? GMM #1171!
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