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Cris Carter On Browns Trade | - At Up-Tube.com

Cris Carter on Browns trade 2 days ago   08:27

First Things First
Cris Carter and Nick Wright react to the New York Giants reportedly trading Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. Hear what they had to say about the addition of OBJ and the Browns’ future.

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Cris Carter on Browns trade for OBJ: 'best move' made as a franchise | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First

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First Things First
Are the Browns instant Super Bowl contenders after acquiring Odell Beckham jr.?
Benjamin Laguna
Cleveland would be deadly if they had a better quarterback Mayfield seven winds who gives a s*** all those Stars he still ain't going to win
Ivalina Passe
14 to 1 8th in Place For Superbowl WIN That's Crazy.. The Trade is Going to Show and Prove their Weapons!!!!!!
Peter Paz
By the end of the 2019 season, Odell and Landry will be estranged...and possibly even enemies. See you guys here in a few months, so you can tell me I was right. Remember this intro presser when Odell is crying about the direction of the team, and mainly of not getting enough targets. You heard it here first.
B Evans
A plead to the NFL; Stop rigging games for 1 season and lets see what happens. Forgo the sham and the illegally earned $$$ for one season just to see what happens. Let's see if your Free Mason Boy Brady can do it without any help this year.
Stanley Grimes
Browns making moves and moving in the right way. Picked up OBJ and they ready to play. May the LORD JESUS bless us all and pick us up when we fall.
nick looks to cocky
Chase McBrien
Beckham overhyped and overrated. It comes down to situational football. Beckham will never deliver on the big stage.
The Real Uncensored Browns Fan
This is the most talent we had since we had since K2 and Braylon was on the team. Its much better watching when you have a 1-2 punch like this. Now we can hit a 4 piece combo. Even 5. *Tupacs How do you want it comes on*
Lawrence Edwards
Nick I like you but shut up. I think in the long run many will look back and fill stupid that they felt so bad about this trade. I am glad they did it and actually, I am surprised that we got that much for Odell. Don't understand the $$ for Golden Tate, but we will see what happens with that. Haskins is the key to everything.
Please...really...Pats faced talent...I mean really ...Pats are elite...try harder...
Rollo Tomassi
Not to be picky Cris, but Irvin drafted in 88', then Aikman in 89', and then Emmitt in 90'.
Bert Brantjens
People, the NFL is just as fake as pro wrestling, Goodell andmitted that long time ago. Tom got his six rings, its time for a new era and after so much years without a Superbowl appearance its time for the Browns fans to finally cheer.

That why they waited with the whole case against Hunt, he then got fired and picked up by who? Indeed, the Browns. Now they add OBJ to the mix and with Baker, Hunt, OBJ, Landry and Chubb they got plenty of offensive weapons to compete at the top level.

Its all fake people, they rig games for 'entertainment purposes', accept it and stop watching this nonsense..
Xao Yaj
I have faith in brown this year. Looking forward to the defense and offense this season - Viking fan
Arnold Davis
E Manning is horrible
Karl Marx
i became a Browns bandwagon fan when they drafted Otto Gram
Trevor Kinzie
anyone notice Cris travel to the future and back at 3:39?
Frank Sulka
The best move the Browns have made since coming back in '99 is hiring John Dorsey. ALL of the good things they have done tie back to Dorsey. He was laughed at last year taking Baker at #1. He was laughed at for taking Ward at #4. Ward made the Pro Bowl. He raised eyebrows when he moved Josh Gordon for a 7th rounder. Then the culture improved big time and OJB is coming in. In short, Dorsey is common denominator as to why the Browns are so improved.
Unpopular Opinion
Best move is drafting a competent QB.
2nd best move add pieces immediately to help competent QB.
Why is the order of teams mostly the inverse of the two?
Jimmy Schitz
Rebuilding via Free Agency has never worked.
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Cris Carter on Browns trade 2 days ago   08:22

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