Cruise Ship crashes into Tourists injured as cruise ship 2 days ago   01:30

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Dramatic footage shows a large cruise ship crashing into a tourist boat docked at a pier in Venice, injuring five people. The crash fuels the ongoing debate over whether big ships should be allowed so close to the fragile canals of Venice.

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epSos Premium
*Titanic soundtrack* would be funny in this video :-)
Also, Venice needs better ship terminals and better traffic control !
Michael Scott
When u really, really need the toilet
Camel Tanker
Where were the fore and aft, port and starboard watches?
Camel Tanker
The Harbor pilot has control of the ship.
Cameron Bell
like in the movie 'speed 2'
András Kopf
Warum zum Teufel wird hier auf englisch berichtet? Ist die Amtssprache nicht mehr deutsch?
reminded me of that Speed movie
Michael Red Sox
Don't ban them. Just charge them a lot of money to dock there and they will never come back.
Enlighted Enlightment
Italians are bad drivers, first the Costa Concordia and now this?
Sorin Preda
I love Italians, they're a sweet mess ❤️
Chinese Goyim
Wannabe Titanic
How on Earth are cruiships allowed in Venice ? It’s disgusting how politicians cannot do one thing right in Italy. Just get on with and ban them from entering Venice as once the city has sunk there will be no turning back.
John San Juan
That Ship went Wrong Way! Ran over Small Boat!
Fried Chicken Now
I'll buy this totalled cruiseship for $100 usd.
Regina Johnson
I still don't understand why those cruise ships are allowed so close to Venice. Just crazy.
DW News
Does the cruise ship industry need more regulation?
Ban these ships in Venice!
Qasr Dubai TV
Derek M
When your up that high on a ship, even as a captain. It's extremely difficult to see where your going when your in close quarters... Sad. Ships this large imo shouldn't really be coming into a port that small and populated anyways IMO. I guess that cruise liner will probably be hiring shortly...
Is someone screwing around with communications?
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Tourists injured as cruise ship Cruise Ship crashes into 2 days ago   01:48

Two Australians have been hurt, when a huge cruise ship slammed into a dock and a tourist boat in Venice.

Tourists scrambled to safety as the ship smashed ashore, the mishap has reignited calls to ban large vessels in the "city of canals."

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