Players Who Couldn't Stand Michael 10 Times The Pawn Stars Scammed 2 weeks ago   05:49

Just about everybody was a Michael Jordan fan in the '80s and '90s. He was a champion on the court and he got lots of good publicity, including funny ads and a role in Space Jam! But he could be pretty unbearable to play with. Here are players who couldn't stand Michael Jordan.

Charles Barkley | 0:15
Robert Parish | 1:25
Muggsy Bogues | 2:24
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | 3:03
Will Perdue | 3:52
Steve Kerr | 4:46

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Can you name any other players who had no love for Jordan?
88' MikeTyson
Barkley was mjs best friend! Wtfu talking bout?!
jojo dancer
He knew who NOT to fuck wit tho
I have always heard privately Jordan is a bully, shady character, and extremely selfish!!!
Travis Hambrick
Jordan a goat but didn't want smoke with the chief
Prof. Dina Reyes
MJ is a sell out
Jordon = has been ! Next !
Louis Rich Not Like The Bacon
Where is Bill Cartwright he could not stand Michael Jordan he threatened to break both his legs
Benny Moonwalker
He was my favorite player
90% of the league couldn't stand Jordan because he routinely hung 40+ a night on those same players who couldn't stand him, night in and night out. Love him or hate him, there's no denying Jordan's one of the very best to ever lace em' up and step on the hardwood!
Jorge Flores
Well, if you still believe Jordan is a great role model, then you are wrong.
B Dog
If this is true, muggsy is a pussy!
R Deery
Players who can't stand Lebron James. Players who can't stand Kobe Bryant. etc.
mayhem Mike
Anytime somebody's exceptionally good at something, that somebody WILL have haters..... fact of life!
Taelan Baylor
"Shoot it you fuckin midget" Oh man... and Mugsy was permanently hurt by this? He knew how tall he was.
Funny how this video is about other players hate MJ, and if you speak badly about MJ.... you are worse then Hitler. We all have our opinions, and we are aloud to voice them.
Dan Edgar
I never liked jordan because unlike bandwagon fanboys, i look at stats
The Mugsy thing always bothered me.
Oppothumbs M
Jordan may have been an obnoxious competitor but this is all flack for his being apolitical and not helping his own race.
Lou Slugga
You didnt add dennis rodman even when they played on the same team he and jordan never talked to each other
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10 Times The Pawn Stars Scammed Players Who Couldn't Stand Michael 2 weeks ago   11:01

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