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Just about everybody was a Michael Jordan fan in the '80s and '90s. He was a champion on the court and he got lots of good publicity, including funny ads and a role in Space Jam! But he could be pretty unbearable to play with. Here are players who couldn't stand Michael Jordan.

Charles Barkley | 0:15
Robert Parish | 1:25
Muggsy Bogues | 2:24
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | 3:03
Will Perdue | 3:52
Steve Kerr | 4:46

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Can you name any other players who had no love for Jordan?
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That list is so full of lies. The Mugsy story has been debunked like a 100 times. It never came out of Mugsy’s mouth. Barkley and Abdul Jabbar didn’t hate Jordan to start with. Also you missed the one guy that truly dislike Jordan, Isiah Thomas.
jason andanar
misleading caption
Joshua Berkowitz
He's a dick. End of story. Fuck it if he won all those rings. No respect for that fuckin douche...
XIV Words
Rodman didn’t like Jordan
Joe Marshall
Muggsy missed a lot of shots…..great playmaker, though.
Dylan Espinosa
Robert Parish though
Sydney foote
Who cares
Dr. Loomis
I'd beat the fuck outta Jordan if he got in my face. I'd ankle pick him,take his back,rain down some hellbows,and then choke his black ass unconscious. Maybe take his arm home and set it on my fire place.
My uncle joe Dumars
Charles Barkley certainly has no hate for Michael Jordan. Yet everyone who played for the Pistons in the late 80s and early 90s hates him more than anyone on this list.
john carcamo
His biggest fan Satan.
Aladdin Smith
Every last player that played against him for more reason other than my reason I couldn't stand his ass all that damn money and he couldn't let the Brother hold a few $100 k ,yet a half million was nothing gor him to drop gambling and I had promised 6 dollars a week to p auto him back
Lucipher Wolff
Check out the game when Jordan beat nba stars before he was drafted, he was insanely talented and the world was shocked by something new, things they never really saw...he was great however...he does reflect alot of conceited self entitlement...i mean look at the hornets, as much talent as that team has they are mediocre and Kemba is in my top 3 favorite players in the league, but he needs to get out of Jordan's shadow, and choose to escape that ceiling he has held his talents at
Iburiedpaul 9
Jordan was a real Mcasshole..
Wesley Walden
well this all really super old news.
Charles Floyd
I dont think MJ give r gave a fuck who like him y dey haten cus he got mo bread n dey dont r is itz bcus of his 6rings and shoe name that's still goin 20+ yrs lata he aint losing no sleep
I would have kicked Jordan ass...😕😖
kiki delivery express
This video should be at least 4 hours long
Zen Master
Lol its def more 5. He's the greatest basketball player, but it's pretty well known as a person that MJ is kind of an asshole.
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