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In Russia, juvenile offenders are being prepared for military service in re-education camps, where they are instilled with discipline and patriotic values. After serving their sentences, over half go on to join the Russian armed forces. But how do they like the regimented life they have been sentenced to?

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Bird's Eye View
Good thing they're doing
Guybrush Threepwood
So according to DW/BBC/CNN/NBC... if a Russian ex delinquent kid wants to join the army, do something with his life, it means he goes to the "front lines", but if he is from a NATO country, then he goes to help old ladies cross the street?
Molotov With Lux
Manker 204
we need this in canada
Matheus Carvalho
It was hard to understand what the Russians were saying...
Peet Fourie
Teach them discipline , teach them skills and give them another chance . If this fails they are criminals .
Brummy BOY
Bring it here to the u.k
Abominable Snowman
I'd only see this as "workable" with a mainly homogeneous society.
Fedrick Arthur
Very sad for my brothers and sisters jehovas witnesses.
petros asparagos
Yes, why not.
Amin Samet
This is better then becoming a school shooters like white Americans do in the US , I will vote for Russia to rule the Americans
*So this is how Russia filled their're military ranks, this is never a good idea to put problem children into the military and give them guns, also I herd Russian military pay for the lowest rank solders horrible, that may force those solder to do other non sanction things to make extra money when serving, lets hope that the Russian Army trains them with skills they can use, outside the military, or at least pay for their're college if that's available in Russia for veterans.*
ibo vtec
I feel so bad for these kids life in Russia isn’t easy they’re all damaged mentally
Moses Lochang
Hope it works stop the kids going into crimes.
Gitana Maldita
Preparing to send a taste of ''christian morality'' to Venezuela.
USA is prepared to send ''some freedom'' to Venezuela.

The TWO big offenders trying to convince the World they are the ''final solution'' to Venezuela.

(And own their oil).
Alex Freeman
I love people of Russia
Porkchop Periwinkle
This is typical of dictatorships. Too many useless men? Just send them to die.
mariam kamal
Do they use the same rehab programme for girls?
Naeem Bhatti
I think its good for then to get back their life in respected citizens
Gail Albers
this is aweful-schrecklich - poor , orphaned , abandoned children, traumatized children unloved troubled children, possible sociopaths, all trained to be killers and canonfodder, sad!so sad!
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Bosnia: Phony nursing degrees Russia: Preparing juvenile offenders 2 months ago   04:46

In Bosnia, serious allegations have surfaced that many nursing care professionals have little or no of the rigorous training nursing professionals are required to undergo in the country. Diplomas can simply be bought on the black market. That exposes the more lucrative Western European labor market to fraudsters, and threatens to undermine the otherwise stellar reputation of Bosnian nurses.
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