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First Full Review By Owner | 2019 Ford Raptor Review - At Up-Tube.com

First Full Review By Owner 2019 Ford Raptor Review 8 months ago   09:29

Corvettes Wanted
Took delivery of my 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali fully loaded with the ultimate package on 8/13/18. Post a couple quick videos earlier but here is a more indepth higher quality walk around video showing all the new features and options on this truck! It is very high tech but i still must say that My 2018 Ford Raptors interior i liked better, the seats were more comfortable, screen was a little bigger, and the gauge cluster looked way better but i get it this is a "Luxury" truck and the raptor was a "Off-Road Animal". After a little over 500 miles i love the sound of the 6.2L V8 much better but overall it is very close to the 3.5L HO Ecoboost in the raptor. I have to say that GMC has stepped up on this truck and put a WHOLE BUNCH of new TECH in it and it shows! The multi function tailgate i feel is much better though out then the ford version, but i know im gonna catch a bunch of "internet hate" for this write up. They are 2 completely different trucks, and at the end of the day it really depends on what you will be using the truck for the most, i use my truck to tow a trailer and go look at, buy, and pick up a lot and soon to be most of our inventory so i needed a truck geared more for towing, although i towed a good bit with my 2018 Ford Raptor it isnt made for towing and really could tell that once you go anything heavier then a Classic C1/C2 Corvette on the Trailer! At the end of the day i wanted to try something NEW and was treated poorly by the past 2 ford dealerships; 1 of them w/ service regarding issues i was having with my truck they would never look at them and always wanted me to just drop my truck off and they would get to it when they could or make an appointment for 2 weeks away which at that point what do you do when it is letting you sit, thankfully the truck after sitting for 15 mins reset itself and worked fine, and the other when trying to order a new truck 2019 Raptor, told me everything they needed to jsut to get me in the dealership and sell me on a 2018 they had sitting there after i explained to them i just sold a 2018 raptor i drove for 24k miles...they wanted to write down on paper what i wanted and take a cash deposit and put my name on top the list to order as soon as they could, but on the phone i was told they FORSURE could put the order in with Ford and i would leave with a Confirmation that my order was accepted by ford. I made an appointment and show up, they sales manager then tells me they cant do it so i left and on my way home drove past a GMC dealer and seen this 2019 Denali 1500 and went and the salesmen couldn't of been any nicer, didn't know much about this truck yet, i knew more about it then him but he was as helpful as he could be! I would recommend anyone buy from the GM dealer i purchased this truck from!

Subscribe for more videos of this truck and classic corvettes, cars I go to buy and sell... going to start doing more vlog style videos along with walk arounds and test drives of all my inventory!

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African Roots
i love it, really
Beautiful truck but those rims look like a pain to clean
Asadbek Odiljonov
Asadbek Odiljonov
Hoh much is ti?
Drunken Chewbacca
Ultimate edition interior looks basic af
Player play
а когда будут обзор на Ниву СССР со всеми наворотами со всеми удобствами Советский Союз Социалистических Республик
cherise van wyk
I would loooooooooooove to have one..
joems 808
tundra still the best for quality in the long run
Centurio Numerouno
Americans can not build good cars. All Plastic inside! It's 2019 and not 1992 ...
I want one with 8WD and twin steering to do my supermarket shopping LOL
Brian Piscitelli
Would you recommend this truck. I currently have a Silverado 2500 HD. I just looked at this Denali today.
Dennis Kerp
Now Thats what an American V8 Pickup Truck should Look like

Thanks for sharing that beauty
Aleem Saleem
Gabriel Rodrigues
Encher saporra de som kkkkk
Carlos Hernandez
Very nice good looking machine. On White 4 Me to hot in Florida. $$
Flavio Ribeiro
simplesmente Linda!!!!
صهيب برنس
وين العربان اشترو يا كلاب
ominous thoughts
way to nice. bring that to a jobsite. lol. not hating. just dont see the point in a truck being that nice. but we guys work hard and want a nice truck or car. congrats.
Joe Shook
Man that's nice.
@ 4:00 R.I.P (Rear view Cam) True Image/realistic "Literally" 😁😁... Enjoy the Ride, Be safe🙏
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2019 Ford Raptor Review First Full Review By Owner 8 months ago   04:49

2019 Ford Raptor - Ford released the all new Raptor less than a year ago but it already looks like the company is about to release an update. So far the details are still scarce but it looks like the car will hit the market with the future 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor. The truck will come with an updated powertrain and likely a few changes to its running gear as well. The end result should be a faster and more aggressive vehicle that will allow Ford to maintain their domination on the full-size truck market. Even though the manufacturer decided to keep quiet so far, it looks like the future Raptor is well under development.
2019 Ford Raptor
The current F-150 Raptor options a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 powerplant, which makes an remarkable 510 ft. lb. of torque. Even so, Ford’s recent motor selection for your new Raptor is usually a polarizing subject for a lot of, such as these from the off-road community.
2019 Ford Raptor
Ford is primed to start out giving the new 7.0L V8 inside the Raptor in 2018 (being a 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor model). We think this was part of their strategy from day one; maximize the product sales output on the preliminary Gen-2 production run, then offer you a V8 alternative once the demand is large. Based mostly on Ford’s recent model facelift campaigns, we also expect the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor Engine to acquire a facelift/refresh in conjunction with the new 10-speed transmission and 7.0L V8 motor possibility

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