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A Saudi, An Indian And An Iranian Walk | British Citizenship Test - Stand - At Up-Tube.com

A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk British Citizenship Test - Stand 9 months ago   07:12

Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani takes to the TEDxSummit stage in Doha, Qatar to take on serious issues in the Middle East -- like how many kisses to give when saying "Hi," and what not to say on an American airplane.

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Vinny Gordon
A Saudi a Iranian, and an Indian walked in a bar ?????? Is this, some kinda joke??
Kashmir Car Rental - Book Taxi - Tripmore
It has nothing to do with the caption
rahul chaudhari
A...hole comedian, he is a true racist, down down
As a Native American, Mexican American. I often get mistaken for the following: Persian, Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, Puerto Rican, and other Races. Don't know if this is relevant just wanted to to share.
Ali Baba
All Araab very close to disaster
Because they forgot their religion and their Right Path.

Shame on you Alla Araab kings and Araab communities Alsoo
Samie Jackson
He is not funny
Road to Beast mode
You are the best 😂😂😂
Said Mahumed
Dude this guy is Incredible.....He just explained the whole Middle-East criteria in just 7min ....LOL
RLV Babu Joseph
Hrivaan Sahani
He fucked them, right on their faces!! LOL
It will be Assalamualaikum.
Soham Hans
I have heard all these jokes in videos of Russel peters long back.... These are exactly the same
Jesse S
So very true, from a Canadian perspective and being from a melting pot of Culture in Montreal and Toronto, I can attest that although I am influenced to understand a multitude of cultures through osmosis, my greatest biases and stereotypes where put to rest when I traveled the world. There is no greater education than that of experiencing this world first hand. I wish more Americans would use their vacations to travel this big beautiful world and formulate opinions based on real world experience instead of the media... unless you all live in a world of talking Mice, Dogs and Bunnies, going to Disney Land once a year is not really going to educate you.
Gomer Gilligan
😎 cooool
Nouman ikram
What's wrong with girl at 5 36 😂
August Landmesser
This-man-is-awesome! :D
flaco gordo
Is he supposed to be funny?
Robert McAnarney
Constantly kissing at my house. When I'm in Saudi, I have to throw in Muhammad once in awhile to prevent being beheaded.
This guy is a definitely a strawberry rainbow tootie fruitie
Jinan Zaidi
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British Citizenship Test - Stand A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk 9 months ago   04:58

Imran's puts a young Oscar through his own novel British Citizenship Test and tells us about his multicultural upbringing in Hackney Downs.

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