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Republican Seemingly Threatens Alexandria | - At Up-Tube.com

Republican Seemingly Threatens Alexandria 3 months ago   01:18

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This Republican candidate seemingly threatened AOC by saying he’d fight Democrats like her ‘the same way [he] fought terrorists.’
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In US news and politics news, GOP candidate Harrison Floyd seemed to threaten violence against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a recent campaign ad. Floyd is running a competitive U.S. House of Representatives seat in Georgia. He says he'll fight reps like AIC 'the same way I fought terrorists.' Carolyn Bourdeaux, the Democrat in the race, called the ad 'violence-inciting' and demanded he pull it down. Fellow Rep Ilhan Omar has also received threats of violence, while numerous men have been convicted of threatening Rep. Maxine Waters. The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal, explained as a way to fight climate change, is one of the young politician's most well known policies.

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Comments 1285 Comments

Freddy Lent
This is nothing more than a veteran being proud of his service to our country! Only thin-skinned Leftists would twist the meaning of words in this ad into a death threat. You Leftists are weak and sad! It's no wonder why your children have grown up to be face hiding ANTIFA members! Cowards and children of cowards!
Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier
I don't think he meant it literally I want to know more about him!
Slyarno. Rj
Looks like black men who are Republicans and maybe Trump supporters want to threaten members in Congress.
Aj Marker
This guy is awful, clearly, but it’s so awful that being violent is a selling point in our country.
Steve Thomas
Floyd bends over and takes it for the Corporate donors!
Adam Briceland
fighting terrorists ? you mean killing innocent women and children ? yeah i think thats what he meant
Martha Rush
Does anyone really think Floyd means to shoot AOC? Calling socialists what they are is good, pointing out socialism's failures all good.
Maxine Waters threatened President Trump with violence.
None of your business
Where is his sense of patriotism?
Ghost Dance
Typical neautered black male c00n. Thinking America is for him and or likes or accepts him.
Ghost Dance
Blake are just the wyte mans pets. Most all are k00nz. Blaks are not allies of us Latinos.
Jason Paulin
The guy uses his military service to excuse his violence on other representatives. What a disgrace Floyd is.
Leslie Angela
Creepy brainwashed guy. Idiocy and sexism and racism have no color
Anne Elizabeth
In the age of extremism we live in now he should have known his words could be dangerous for diverse politicians.
RednexPunk Pastor Dan
So HARRISON FLOYD (if that is his real name. Sounds fake to me.). Is threatening A.O.C. I wonder if he realizes other military trained personnel might take him out first.
*Its because he saw ISIS tear down statues and when he got home triggered leftists were tearing down statues too. He saw the relation.*
Janice. Click
Wut the
Dafydd Hir
The dramatic music 😂😂 wouldn't take what he said that literally..
peachy proncess
Why is it that soldiers think they're on some superior level? Like... bro thanks but you're still just a regular ol american like the rest of us and your opinions don't matter anymore than the opinions of the next person
kyle bends
fifth generation slave.
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Republican Seemingly Threatens Alexandria 3 months ago   09:24