How Shaving Cream Can Help You Get Rid of a Sunburn Woman’s Advice to Students After 11 months ago   01:17

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Spend a little too much time in the sun? Slap on some shaving cream. That's the secret family remedy of one mom when it comes to sunburns. "I burn, then do the shaving cream and then the next day, it's usually gone," said Cindie Allen-Stewart. Dermatologist Ross Radusky explains how the simple trick works. "If you look at the ingredients, it's really a great moisturizer," he said.'s Leigh Scheps ( has more.

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Rushni Akter
December anyone
Ding Dong
Aloe Vera left the chat.
Erika Rodriguez
I got the same shirts the little girl got the pink one
Mark James
Good to know. I once had badly sunburned arms. Before I went to bed, I smeared a heavy layer of Sudo cream on them, wore ripped off shirt sleeves and the next morning my arms were not the least bit sore. In hindsight, I could have just worn the whole shirt but I wasn't really thinking straight with such sore arms LOL
I've also used real Aloe Vera plant jelly - smear a heavy layer on there...worked well for me also - keep rubbing more on every 30mins
Pan Man
does it work with tanning?
Gabb L
But like.. won’t that burn your sunburn..?
Hsar The Asian
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Wazzup Leo
That little girl does not look like she's having fun at all.
Suzanne Clarke
why am i watching this i'm not even white 😂
Irasemar Aguilar
IEatToaster . exe
Im doing camouflage on my wall while watching this. Tears dropped rn
Cleopatra Starseed
Aloe is and always will be the best option for sunburn or any skin irritation
Daniel Kim
why do i feel like this lady doesn’t vaccinate her children
I don’t know why im watching this!? I don’t even get burned
Floki the bulldog
Next video:

*kool-aid stops cancer*
Abbie Roberts
I watched this last week thinking I would never use it, then I went to the lake over the weekend and im going to rite aid tomorrow
Diamond Evans
Sunburn causes skin cancer.
Diamond Evans
Sunburn... Cant relate💅😂
MarGame Z
Who else is watching this in a beach resort
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Woman’s Advice to Students After How Shaving Cream Can Help You Get Rid of a Sunburn 11 months ago   04:17

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