The World's Best Taekwondo Kid | Amazing Taekwondo Fails and Funny Moments 4 days ago   04:56

Check out the World's Best Taekwondo Kid doing his best kicks now ! !

Frederik Emil Olsen is 8 years old.

Thanks for watching!

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Natryb Sevn
lin qiunan is stronger
Hes still good even now,and he was seven years old that time and he can knockout like that im a blue belt!
Gbe Jvxfgeöz
that guy is a trainer at my taekwondo club soo shim taekwondo skellefteå
Enl Zbbarl
Get this kid on an MMA mat right now.
Gnr'f Zvffvat Ont
When you’re in taekwondo yourself but suck ass
Whfgva Elna
i do teakwondo but I'm not as good!!!!
Crathfnun Zhqn1990
Music please..??
Yvggyr Gvssl08
He hit that poor little boi in the face😭🤣
Gna Wvnkva
Only Lin Qiu nan is the strongest in the world
Gna Wvnkva
His not the best
Frederick Olsen is this
K_TeRrX_ TrB
Γτ ανεβάσετε τέτοιου είδους βίντεο?
he's dangerously good 😮.
vznahry znexhf
i like the kids taekwondo is champion..
Erzl Q
Lin qiunan is better
oral phrk
Kamu tinggal dimana
Once you see that he is ur opponent you know that your screwed.
QbQb Oebf
So awesome 👏🏽
dude just downloaded a tragic childhood memory in their brains
Arzng Fgnnc
1:53 is my fav kick
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Taekwondo Fails and Funny Moments The World's Best Taekwondo Kid | Amazing 4 days ago   06:02

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