New Tax Laws Mean Your Refund How The New GOP Tax Bill Will Affect You 1 day ago   05:03

Wall Street Journal
Now that the new tax law is in place, your deductions and refunds may not look the same as last year. WSJ's Richard Rubin gives us the scoop on what's changed, and how your return could be sweeter (or less sweet) than years past.

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Oxen Phase
I'm glad journalists have freedom (sourcing from) the United States and its President. It's time to immortalize the role.
: The Hebrew Letter - Yod 10th.
: The Alphabet Letter - J 10th. Please don't tell the religious nuts I told you this, about YHWH. Haha.
WSJ, do this same metaphor for corporations. Also, make sure you show how regular people eat the melted trickle down after having made the ice cream in the first place.
Vlad Amir
I love how they told a simple concept that could be explained clearly and made it into a complicated ice cream metaphor. Some average joe must be now rewatching the video trying to take notes on what ice cream cones stand for.
Tom Snyder
This is the first year, ever, I've owed tax.
"Tax break for the middle class"... BS! Thanks, Chump.
Maple Flavor
taxation is theft
Amazon paid $0 in taxes for $11,200,000,000 dollars of profit

Congrats you paid more taxes this year than Amazon
G Rex
Using ice cream to explain taxes to adults? oh yeah i can trust this
Didn't have insurance for chunk of 2018, so my tax return was dicks. That's real neato.
H Pn
I'm glad I didn't have to pay the health tax this year!
Private Territory
Hilarious! Great explanation.
This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever watched
Big Red
Not the Federal Gov job to subsidize states that have state taxes, not fair for none state tax people
Nope. My state and local tax is capped and my taxes shot through the roof.
H Pn
People should realize tax refund aren't free money.
A refund only means that government took out more out of your paycheck than should have.
It's your money. But when they get more, government makes more off of you.
Best to pay...keep it under 200 bucks.
Wander Lust
What an adorkable guy.
potatomato :p
My net worth is $1
Maziar 9
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How The New GOP Tax Bill Will Affect You New Tax Laws Mean Your Refund 1 day ago   09:14

Let's talk about how the new GOP tax bill will affect you.
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