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Why Does The Ipad Exist In 2019? | This Smartphone Is All You Need - At Up-Tube.com

Why Does the iPad Exist in 2019? This Smartphone Is All You Need 1 day ago   15:16

Austin Evans
Between the iPad Air, mini and Pro is now the right time to buy an iPad?
The base iPad iPad on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadipad
The 2019 iPad mini 5 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadmini
The 2019 iPad Air 10.5" on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadair
The iPad Pro 11" on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadpro

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IOS 13 better be a Major update, if not, it has to be IOS 14.
Daniel Duedu
max dai
Dude really need to work on your way of speaking in your video, looks more like reading a book than actually speaking for your mind
Ahmad Mubashar
Was this filmed in 2018?😂
Nick Alex
insta dislike for the mustache
Vansh Patel
JeveshReddy Illuri
why does your mustache exists in 2019??
Thabo Mboneni
Hey guys this is pornstar mustache Austin
GamingUnreal - Titanfall 2 & FNAF
Woah... that mustache is new
dat moustache tho
No thank you !
lars saas
why do i exist
Rishikesh Kumaran
Thank you for the review bro, I was confused between the iPad iPad and the iPad air! But ya, will go ahead with the iPad iPad👍 liked the way you say it😄
Lynn Deel
Watching on my iPad Air 2. I stream cable in bed every nite. YouTube all the time. Love my iPad
Mashi Q
Why does Austin's mustache exist?
And I’m watching this on a iPad 2017 (5th Gen)
i like the mustache
Isaac Mathew
dude this is shit austin you are shit
Tha IceCool
This is really a question? iPad’s are the best...
Jorris Bohnson
Hey all, Scott here 13:04
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This Smartphone Is All You Need Why Does the iPad Exist in 2019? 1 day ago   05:38

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