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An Exclusive Look Inside Dubai's | Tesla Model 3 Maintenance - At Up-Tube.com

An exclusive look inside Dubai's Tesla Model 3 Maintenance 2 days ago   03:44

Khaleej Times
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50 Tesla electric vehicles were added to the limo fleet of the Dubai Taxi Corporation in September 2017. Here’s an exclusive look. (Video by Nilanjana Gupta)

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Pri yon Joni
"The green economy of Dubai". What's next, national quality control community of China?
The UAE is what the whole orient should be
Long live Dubai
Kitty Kat
this proves that uae is not dependent on oil
SubhanAllah. That was a very informed brother.
Philip Biron
In an area where petrol price is likely one of the lowest in the world it's good that leaders understand that the future is changing and technology is moving into a post petrol direction. Jobs and opportunities are going to be driven by technology and efforts like this helps to get more young students interested in science and engineering schooling as well as technology companies investments an jobs to areas open to this change.

U.A.E leaders have long recognized this as an opportunity not a threat to their business and have long been leading efforts in this direction such as sustainability and energy footprint. Having even a City designed as completely powered by sustainable methods such as solar. It puts them at the front and center in leading and also having professionals who understand this change and have become authorities on sustainability creating new opportunities.
Amir Hossain
Love dub5
Noah Varela
congrats Dubai!
Mohd Yahya
ohhh the drivers attitude.... it's too much
they think they are pilots 😂
Boghani traveller
Dubai is lit need to visit Dubai again 💰💲💸
a a
Smartest city in the world!Tf! :D
Taran Basi
Wait how does the car move if there's no engine in the bonnet?
It's a good improvement for Dubai. But the video would have been nice if u had people who dressed up like James bond. the employees in the video do not look welcoming. they should suit up better
Zair Raza
Fuck all those petro dollars
shubham tripathi
How much cost it
Rianti Download
The super rich Dubai... awesome...
Price start 25 Dirhams
Madhumita Mukerje
Very informative.
Iqri Tv
No comment
Rosa Mae Antipuesto
Wow a great idea in Dubai..very hitect transfortation I was really really hope that someday I'm just gonna go there ...to take a chance to ride an awesome quality of dubai.
vicky sachdeva
dubai Rta gov.ae great super idea launch
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Tesla Model 3 Maintenance An exclusive look inside Dubai's 2 days ago   13:46

I take an in depth look at the recommended maintenance of the Tesla Model 3.
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