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Top Goals | September's Best Goals | Highlights Getafe Cf Vs Fc Barcelona (0-2) - At Up-Tube.com

TOP GOALS | September's best goals Highlights Getafe CF vs FC Barcelona (0-2) 2 weeks ago   04:45

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Comments 118 Comments

Messi una bestia
Le petit Rohan
2:01 ankle breaks
Florian Bieri
Best saves of the month? Its just an Idea☝️🤷‍♂️🔥❤💙
Hassnain haider
Griezmann is a absolute bullet
Enmanuel Atleti
Are you kidding ? goals in training? Even me
pubg & pes pubg & pes
Put neto against eibar & real
Feel 7 Good 5
Joe Warrick
Like messi comment ronaldo to win the ball on dor
hase flip
I'm marin
Ravi K
Griezmann the all time top scorer for barca(training )
RIP Dodge Viper
2:01 Messi almost put Semedo on his ass
cricketing Nation
How.many wnat to see best saves of the month aswell?
Poor stegen
Luis G
On a real note does valverde deserve to stay ?
Pringprang Salgra D Shira
Where is Carles Perez?
Don't sell Griezmann because of Messi. Messi needs to understand that Griezmann is his teammate and he needs to hangout with him so they can build a connection and worked good on the pitch.
veli brown
@2:00 People are falling even at training by Leonel Messi.
dilaue71 dilaue71
What is there for exercises in football how to become lionel messi? please help
David Rojas
Guillem Llabina
Crazy, he have to play more...
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Highlights Getafe CF vs FC Barcelona (0-2) TOP GOALS | September's best goals 2 weeks ago   07:41