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Germany: The Discreet Lives Of The Super-Rich | 48 Hours Mystery Fateful Connection - At Up-Tube.com

Germany: The discreet lives of the Super-Rich 48 Hours Mystery Fateful Connection 1 day ago   42:26

DW Documentary
The rich in Germany been never been as well-off as they are today and assets have never been so unevenly distributed. But who are they? How do they live? And what do they think of their country? A journey into the discreet world of the super-rich.

One percent of Germans own over a quarter of the country's assets, whilst half of the country’s citizens have no assets at all. But while the German media report on the growing poverty in the country on a daily basis, little is known about the super-rich. They keep a very low profile and can walk the streets unrecognized. "Manager Magazin” says there were around 200 billionaires living in Germany in 2018, and their numbers are increasing. The documentary "Top of the World" asks why rich Germans are so unwilling to talk about their wealth. Its author immerses himself in the discreet world of big money and meets financial advisors with 800 years of family tradition behind them and billionaires such as drugstore king Dirk Rossmann and mail-order company heir Michael Otto - as well as a self-made businessmen such as Rainer Schaller. They talk about their notions of money and justice, the origins of their wealth and their fear of social envy.


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Comments 2274 Comments

Gonzales Frederic
The day (and that day will happen by 2040) the poor cannot stand it anymore, those people will be butchered French-revolution-style by the by-then-former middle classes (which are more and more sinking into poverty). When from poor they will be destitute, they will skin them alive. And as written above, that will be so by 2040. Just look at the trend...
Shilo Shoham
The most of them got there wealth before the 2 world war after stilling from Jews and making business with Hitler. No secret here in Germany. This is old money.
Rod Fast
Behind every large fortune is a large crime
Gloria Wright
We have two world wars with Germany and it ends up housing the most billionaires? Houston, we have a fucking PROBLEM!!
Mika Nieminen
It is not about the differences in earnings. It is more about paying a liveable wage to people.
Mika Nieminen
All that wealth and they live so boring lives ! They have no imagination what they could do in their lives with their monies. These rich "humans" do not care about their countries populations. I am glad that everybody dies, so at least in the end we will have demoncrazy. I hope the laws of karma is at work. Rich people do not know what a normal life is for a normie and especially for the financially weak.

This applies to all the rich people in every damn country in this world.

Heinrich Schliemann knew what do with his wealth and history will remember him.
Mika Nieminen
Fate decides if you are going to be rich or poor or somewhere between.
"Mostly men"... well, their women are just as rich, just without interest in doing the business themselves or in their name. It's more convenient most of the time.
Secondly, we know well is only begotten by virtually stealing it from others. The robber doesn't make him/herself public. That's why they hide. They're inherently cowardly, insiduous and untruthful. It's absurd to talk about 'envy'. If in the Middle Ages, you plundered a town, you weren't afraid of 'envy' but of just retaliation.
I’ll tell you what ‘makes them tick” - money!
Teresa S
It’s quite different in America
Scott Smith
So the media's fear mongering affects every country.
Love South France
Swiss are same way.
TOTAL BS that higher taxes would destroy the "backbone" of the economy. Many of the RICH haven´t come up with ideas or developed anything, they have inherited the wealth of their parents, just like Donald Trump.
Antione Berry
mr scrooge mcduck is the ultimate cultural force in the federal republic of germany today🌍🇩🇪!
Agent Smidt
The McFit guy should just stick to Europe, his business will get murdered in the U.S. The competition is brutal here.
blueshibori pillow
I don't understand how they think it's just envy that makes other (non-rich) people angry. They simplify it so they don't have to think about the societal problems of this country. It's not envy, it's the huge gap between super rich and poor (our middle class is diminishing and no, it does not consist of "medium size business owners") and the obvious inequality of chance. Just look at their gatherings: white man, white old man, white blond woman, ... The 50 % of women in the population are not represented among company owners, not just super rich CEOs, but in general - and what bothers me even more is that the 30 % of immigrants that make up the German population are not represented at all. And they think the word "rich" is stigmatizing, lol. It's not about becoming super rich - the strongest divide is in the educational system between people who get the chance to make a college degree and those who don't (just like in the US). That's where the inequality roots. If one's parents can not read German books to oneself as a child or are traumatized or whatever, one needs to have extra support to even have the chance to make it to college... But instead of starting here, they have other ideas about where to donate their money (and they know best of course since if they weren't born into a family, at least their parents were Prussians) - while talking about "Africa" in the preferred ethnocentric German way as if "Africa" was not a continent but one single and most importantly poor contry that has to be saved by some white dudes who destroyed it before. So they invest their money in the Elbphilharmony (which is a beautiful building but does not tackle any societal problems) or "into Africa" ... where they do not support local business owners or famers of course, but instead create a lot of jobs (which always sounds good) by investing into some big corporations and closing an eye or two about the child labor, missing workers' rights, rape accusations, and again the destruction of small local enterprises and farms (e.g., Nestlé at the Ivory Coast). Sorry for the many words, it's not envy but the self-content of the people in this documentary which are the friends of the politicians ruling the country... that makes me angry.
Look at all those Gullable Wives....you know their husbands cheat on them with much younger girls and boys....I think I would vomit in his mouth.....
Only Money can bring that kind of hurtful loneliness. ...when your husband cheats and all your money can't fix his rejecting you. So if your Broke and in Love, then you have a lot more going for you than these dressed up ladies.
My Dad was forced into slave labour for Siemens as a POW in WW2. I'd like to collect his wages now.
Karen Baxter
OMG ......the host was anouncing to others what they all earnt like a contest. I may not be rich but some of us don't want that but in Australia if U showed off your wealth like that it would be frowned upon. Yes, by all means make money by making a good product or service that others can use and be proud of that accomplishment but just to say " I'm rich, ner, ner" is kind of sad.........I could be a billionaire but I would never join a club that discusses my income as some sort of catch phrase..........Sorry, it's just not me.......Notice how most of the billionaires R men? We women have good ideas but it's the guys in the company who use those ideas for their own gain.
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