why BEN PHILLIPS belongs in JAIL I ask girls on TINDER for RELATIONSHIP ADVICE 1 day ago   20:17

Ryan Trahan
ben phillips in jail? why? he's not even mean
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Julie M.R
Oh, yeah, Ben Phillips, I fell bad for his “bro”, he probably doesn’t deserve it (and he probably doesn’t call Ben a bro as well 😂)
I just don’t understand why he doesn’t move out or something
Mack Roy
You should help the homeless
Charlotte Veit
5:10 ok so why did I unintentionally burp in sync with him
Zof ife
*I am 93*
Betty Is awesome
My bro got stung by 1000 bees
My bro can never walk again
My bro got stabbed in the nuts
My bro... uhh I can’t find my bro... bro?
i am 8
Elspeth Boot-Handford
isnt tyler that dude from mr beast
CL0PSY Ellingham
*I covered my bro’s car in 1000 poos.
My bro got stabbed in the balls.
By bro smoked an 80 year old.*
When you were reading them all out I was laughing so hard
Peyton Cathcart
has he seen fgtv like bro i haven't watched in a year but still
Maddie B.
you lost me when you said 8 am isn't even that early
doja cat
he bro do the viagrey prank and birng a girl over
GD AstroWorks
I stayed up till 3:00 am searching, scavenging for quality content to watch and I found this glorious video that made me laugh so much I couldn’t stop lmao 😂 😂😂
Black WidowReacts
whats a dildo In don't want to search it up.
Matt_ D
Who is worse: Ben philips or morgz

Like = morgz
Comment = Ben Philips
Into Oblivion
My mom says your bullying people
thak for macig my de betr
Jared LoPiano
Who’s here when Tyler has actually been in success?

Number of likes is how many?
Betty Butler
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I ask girls on TINDER for RELATIONSHIP ADVICE why BEN PHILLIPS belongs in JAIL 1 day ago   14:40

yea i kinda exposed these girls on tinder cuz im lowkey married and in a relationship
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