Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Judd Trump Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Steve Davis 5 months ago   1:08:45


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Ionutcatalin Cristea
Omg michella is so hot
Lucas Moraes
Trump winned in USA
Subodh Bhave
ronnies calculation is amazing in world
31:32 free ball? Ronnie can see the red ball any help
zohaib hassan
as trump said in his child hood that ronnie iz his best ideal player then why should he beat him easly.
Zagkvkml Zablmml
56:10 Judd Trump pulled a Ronnie O'Sullivan...
Bravo six Zero
Dennis shut the fuck up please . . .
Mike Wright
ive watched a couple of ronnie games and i dont get why people are so hyped up about him when he misses so many shots. still he gets so much cheer from the audience while the other guys gets none but scores really nice streaks and hard shots.
Maxim Lekov
anyone know the margin for error on judds pot at 3:55? got to be like a millimeter?
Pierre Dimitrov
Fabulous. Two great player writing nicely the modern history of this so loved game. All at all made beautifully, but somehow the comments .. Dennis Taylor miss the real essence.. and we feel confused, about other commentators they are pleasant, they deliver accurate and precise few words, just what the game is, great as they was as player! Wonder why they never introduce really young players so we can have kind of fresh air. 
Jitender Dhingra

unbeatable  ronnie.
gareth reed
I don't think judd will ever win the world tbh.. Reminds me of jimmy white to much !
Tony Achilles
with Ronnie its not what you do but the way that you do it [ highly artistic player ].
Cerne Uffington
Ronnie is great!. Second only to the great Tony Meo
sony cole
My 2 favourite players. What a match .
sony cole
Ronnie is a terrific player but Trump is no slough
ณัฐพร มรีรัตน์
เยี้ยม เลย
Ronnie the Rocket is always a great pleasure to watch, fabulous entertainer ! I don't think anyone is more gifted than him ever. Thanks for the uploads. Great work !
maybe his records will be broken, but ronnie will remain the most gifted player ever
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Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Steve Davis Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Judd Trump 5 months ago   1:38:24