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Killer Queen Black Direct-Feed | [Special] Ojv Musician Playing Giant - At Up-Tube.com

Killer Queen Black Direct-Feed [Special] OJV musician playing Giant 1 day ago   07:15

We try out a vastly updated version of the Killer Queen Black beta compared to last year's E3 with new levels and items such as the shield.

Recorded from PC version.

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Comments 136 Comments

João Pedro
What a beautiful Duwang
What a beautiful DUWANG

JoJokes aside, it took me a while to grok all the win cons for this game, but once I did, it didn't look that bad at all. Might check it out.
Marc-Anthony McMillon
The rock music throws me off.... Doesn't match the rest of the sound design.
She's a killer

Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite through a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Is this game guaranteed to blow your mind and recommended at the price?
Jojo’s fanbase has already touched the comment section.
What a beautiful duwang!

Gravey Davey
Reminds me of Joust.
Sypron W
I knew the comment section would be full of JoJo refrences xD
Richard A
Eh they missed the boat. Last year, front and center e3. Game was working. It was fine. A TON of marketing behind them. One year later, the game is still not released. Interest is fading.
ArdaBoo Electric Boogaloo
Look for one comment that's not jojo related

I dare you
Michael Gillespie
I knew what I was getting into when I clicked on this video.
Lovin' all the JoJokes.

Also, this is lookin' pretty good. Had a blast the few times I've played the original at a "Barcade", so it'll be nice to play this at home.
TamaleMuncher 789

Killer Queen!
AltimateGuyz 101
Time to look at some JoJo references
The game looks very unexciting despite having a rock soundtrack.
We Remotely Low
Weren't they having an indie showcase today..?
Killer Queen Black's Third Round: Bites Za Dusto!
The title is essentially a Jojo reference.
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[Special] OJV musician playing Giant Killer Queen Black Direct-Feed 1 day ago   12:45

OJV musician playing Giant Bomb's Super Mario Maker Levels while L'Orchestre Portable de Jeux Vidéo (Video Game Portable Orchestra) plays Super Mario music live!

Player : Antoine Pruneaux
Orchestra : L'Orchestre Portable de Jeux Vidéo