NFL “Karma” Moments || HD 2 months ago   10:01

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NFL “Karma” Moments || HD
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Ő-YT 1
So that's why he acts stupit..brain damage..shyt Krazzyy
Ron Matson
Some head to head is nasty,some times the kicker does it in a tackle,will he get called no let him have his 10 seconds of fame,I've also had harder hits in miget football that would draw a yellow flag in the NFL now,its laughable
Steelers revenge on Bengals was classic.
I do dumb stuff.
Burfict:I got his shoulder
Meh, one more. There was a great one from Martin Gramatica jumping up a few times celibrating a FG, and broke his leg. I get an actual lol on that one every time.
Also, Yeah maybe Ed Reed made the mistake for show boating too soon. But The man more than made up for it the rest of his career.
JuJu's 'payback' hit you know all of that locker room was cheering him on for that. Burfect had that coming,... From quite a few players. JMHO.
where does burfict get laid out
Jon Collins
Burfict got what was coming to him and we all know it.
Anime Music Xeg
Players like these are the reason I dont watch football and dont get the hype for it
francis p
0:53 i can watch that all day till the day i die.
Anime Kid
I like how even after there was a fight TO was celebrating
rdp 132
Why do black ppl always celebrate too early?
Jacob Henderson
Perfect deserved that
First one isn't karma. More revenge.
The Piper Report
Wait.. So Deshaun Jackson played for the Eagles, then Redskins, then Eagles again?
Luv that JuJu hit..
The announcer acting like JuJu didnt lay out Vontaze for AB. Dumbass
Crosse Hampton
The commentators fuckin suck, “that’s bad for the game that’s just bad football” knowing damn well people love seeing that and it’s part of the game.
ellen weimer
The new casters in my opinion need to shut it
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