Top 10 Coach Sent off (Red card) El Clasico - Real Madrid vs Barcelona 1 year ago   04:16

Football manager sent off during match ft Mourinho,Asene Wenger, Diego Simone ...

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frear human
If kepa be coach be like
Pedro Ribeiro
mimimi in footbal too
William Weber
I still don't understand why every coach wears a suit
Tilson Tomas
I didn't knew that u could get a red card for scoring a goal. At 2:30.
Suman jung Thapa
2:30 goal was. beautiful than M.salah puskas goal..
Nikolai Antonsson
1. Pep guardiola
2. Pep guardiola
3. Pep guardiola
4. Pep guardiola
5. Pep guardiola
And so on.....
Lionel Messigician
Watch closely 0:24 the guy slowly pulls out his phone to catch the action.
Toti Brave
The last one is a Legend 😆
Jurate Iesalniece
If cr7 was a coach
Nacho Ejem
The last one its from my country. Its is know that he did it because he wanted to show his tattoo and his muscles
Ali Abbas
0:39 what an asshole
jasmi sachu
#3 i see this goal in goal scored by non footballer
Dan Petrescu hears you?
Surya Abidin Taqwa
#1 Could be WWE Entrance Signature Move.
Ivander Fernandez
Kuldeep Talukdar
That's why I love cricket...
dipali madhu
the third one was so funny but it was a yellow card not red
Ali Abdul Ahad
Valverde is next in the queue to get sent off
Where’s the red cards?
Rohan S
Bro, imagine ibra as your coach
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El Clasico - Real Madrid vs Barcelona Top 10 Coach Sent off (Red card) 1 year ago   16:23