Rafting the Colorado River - Minute Rogue River Rafting 4K 360 Video 2 days ago   01:02

Spend a minute out in the canyon, rafting the Colorado River.

A Colorado River expedition offers many opportunities to witness the passing of time, seasonal changes, and current conditions. We take pleasure in the journey. It's the joy of the ride, the sight of wildlife, the smell of rain, the roar of rapids, the endless night sky, and the unity we experience: that oneness between us, the river, and the canyon that makes running this river so special.

There are different river trip opportunities through Grand Canyon National Park. Learn more: http://www.nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/whitewater-rafting.htm

NPS video by Christopher Blum, Max Well, Noland Wang and Luis Estrada. Edited by Kristen M. Caldon.

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Rogue River Rafting 4K 360 Video Rafting the Colorado River - Minute 2 days ago   03:43

Raft the world-famous Rogue River in VR 360º video! Over four perfect summer days in 2014, Rogue River Journeys from Ashland, OR invited our 360º GoPro camera array along to capture the entire experience of rafting through the rapids of the Rogue. Featured rapids include Mule Creek Canyon, Blossom Bar, Black Bar, and Rainy Falls. The imagery gathered on this expedition will also be used to produce a VR 360º video map guide for the Rogue River in the near future. Many thanks to our guides: Esa Morrison, James Bruce, Frank DeBaugh and Will Volpert. Rafting the Rogue River, with it's crystal clear water, uncommon history, unique forests, and thundering rapids, is an inherently 360º experience. We hope this virtual reality experience of rafting in 360º video will help you fall in love with the Rogue River as much as we did while filming it.