Which Countries are TAKING OFF in AFRICA? Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa In GDP 2018 2 weeks ago   09:35

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Since the start of the 21st Century, Africa has experienced a significant boost, especially the poorest countries on the continent.
With the exception of South Africa, the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa achieved annual growth rates of 6.2%. By comparison, that is twice the growth rate seen in Latin America during the same period of time.

Today in VisualPolitik EN we'll be talking about the countries that are taking off in Africa!

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Jon dow
5 African Nations Most in Debt to China | China Uncensored
Umar Farooq
Nice to see Africa on the rise may God bless them all and maybe some countries should robbing Africa 🇵🇰🇵🇰💚
Rico Sadao
China and Africa should never exist in the same sentence
Worlds apart.
Lincoln Chipazyo Ngoma
The problem with Africa is its boarders. The artificial boarders that the Europeans brought during Colonization. If these boarders were eradicated and agreements like Passport free travel and Customs free trade were implemented. Africa would not need any help from any European, Asian or American countries . If we implemented our own currency based on an actual representation of gold and not the fait system depending on motor currencies like the Dollar,we would be rich united and independent. Maybe you can do a video highlighting factors that would drive us to this economic destination. Also I would like to thank Trump cause with his lack of exposure, we will no longer have western interference in our geopolitics. We won't have to worry about Politicians advancing these ideas dying in the name of freedom like General Gaddafi did. We should unite Africa.
Calvin Miguel
What do you mean by Africa is going to play a huge role in the comming decade? It always has. What continent do you think feeds the world? Since Imperialism and Colonization the world has been stealing from Africa lol
Boon Soungood
Westerners like whichever of AFRIGAS SUCK THEM OF ALL AND GONE TO BADLY.
Hadi Nem
Jack Armstrong
This is a great video, really uplifting and showing the benefits of free markets and competitive economies (when corruption is addressed).
How have the comments become so messy with this? 99% of comments are referring to stuff unrelated to this video
Ben Azis
China new province
ELLIOT Dzekedzeke
Am happy that there are white people that are honest and they can say Good of Africa... 🤣 🤣 🤣 Big up man 💖
Zama Dladla
You said everything in your video and did your best no to even lip sync the term South Africa. Can't even figure out where your stupid accent is from.
Zama Dladla
7:58 In terms of biggest companies check where they are based you dumb twat. http://www.africaranking.com/biggest-companies-in-africa/5/
Zama Dladla
https://www.fin24.com/Economy/sa-by-far-africas-richest-and-most-advanced-country-report-20180430 Richest country in Africa. Johannesburg Stock Exchange market value exceeds $1 trillion.
Zama Dladla
Real list of countries taking off in Africa : Botswana, Seychelles, Morocco, Egypt, Namibia, Mauritius, Gabon, Algeria, Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa.
Zama Dladla
You sharing impressive infastructure T Junctions from Nigeria at 2:42 and say they are fast urbanizing? Please man do some research. 180 million people with a power distribution grid of about 5000MW ? That is just the city centre of Lagos and if you were to zoom into those buildings they are nothing but dilapidated , run down buildings that are falling. Nigeria has an impressive middle class concentrated in Victoria Island but what is there to show after that? Abuja? Abuja does not even have taps or tar roads in suburbs outside the city centre. Ibadan? Nothing. Maiduguri? Nothing. Port Harcot? Nothing. Kano? Nothing. Calabar. Okay nice. Uyo? Okay nice. Mostly just nothing in that country and a hostile investor climate. Maybe I was just irked when you quoted "with the exception of South Africa. Which however happens to be the most developed country in Africa with a functioning democracy and no. 1 place to do business with most international investors.
Zama Dladla
I am in Africa bro,South Africa so I got to say thanks for your effort to be nice but no, you are from reality. DRC,Mozambique, Tanzania? Those are some of the most impoverished countries. At least they are among the top 20 poorest countries in the world with Nigeria included obviously alongside CAR (Central Africa Republic)Western Sahara,Malawi,Zimbabwe, https://zulunewstv.blogspot.com/2016/02/meet-poorest-countries-in-africa.html Try to post accurate info in public bro. It would have been accurate if your article was African countries making an effort to uplift themselves from extreme poverty. Poverty is not nice obviously and thus we can't take pride in labeling fellow Africans as poor yes but we got to speak facts at times.
Mario Cortes
All countries have some rich and knowledge and modernism on them Sad that sometimes countries don't get out from poverty cuzz the government and their corruption that's the problem for majority of lots of countries around the world....
maksim lukjan
Nothing to do with success, its called investing than taking double back, fools lmfao.
Ansel Thompson
“While mountains are decreasing your hill is rising". “The sun will rise and set in the same place at the same time”. A coming South South trans Atlantic power foretold. Eyes on South America and Africa. The Andes mountain is the true Zion. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/wwQNaZoFFYf

“The nations will take their riches to the mountain of the Lord”. South America will become the economic center of the future.
Mike Varga
Belgrade is the most safe European capital. Mainly bc other capitals have tons of 3rd world pensioners or min wage workers
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Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa In GDP 2018 Which Countries are TAKING OFF in AFRICA? 2 weeks ago   22:50

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Top 10 African Countries With The Highest GDP And Strong Economy in 2018
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10. Tanzania (GDP – $50 Billion) Tanzania is the second largest economy in east Africa .
9. Kenya (GDP – $73 Billion) Kenya is known as the financial, communication & transportation hub for central & east Africa .
8. Ethiopia (GDP – $75 Billion) Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the second most populous country in Africa (behind Nigeria).
7. Angola (GDP – $93 Billion) Angola is another fast growing economy that is known for its petroleum production.
6.Sudan (GDP – $95 Billion) Sudan is extremely rich in agriculture products. The country’s top exports are: cotton, oil, sesame, and groundnuts.
5. Morocco (GDP – $113 Billion) Morocco is one of the top economic products in North Africa and does lots of trade with European countries such as France and Spain.
4. Algeria (GDP -$170 Billion) Algeria is extremely rich in petroleum. The country’s top exports are: petroleum, natural gas, and electronics.
3. South Africa (GDP – $296 Billion) South Africa is the most industrialized country in Africa and controls a large amount of natural resources.
2. Egypt (GDP – $338 Billion) Egypt is the second largest economy in Africa and produces lots of oil products. The nation’s top exports are: crude oil,
1. Nigeria (GDP – $411 Billion) Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and ranks 21st in terms of world GDP. The country’s top exports are: Crude Oil,
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