Which Countries are TAKING OFF in AFRICA? Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa In GDP 2018 5 months ago   09:35

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Since the start of the 21st Century, Africa has experienced a significant boost, especially the poorest countries on the continent.
With the exception of South Africa, the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa achieved annual growth rates of 6.2%. By comparison, that is twice the growth rate seen in Latin America during the same period of time.

Today in VisualPolitik EN we'll be talking about the countries that are taking off in Africa!

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Edu Kariuki
The west should see Africa growing as a good thing. Who do you think we will buy iPhones and Landrovers from?
Michell Harvey

The first plagues GOD sent to europe, America yellow fever, other plagues just choose one any one plague. And your people continue to be EVIL. Satan is Bad but you people come place third behind DEMONS...........

Stolen tribes from Africa, Stolen Art, Stolen Resources, An d now you come back to steal more. May God in JESUS NAME out A plague on european countries especially the French and British and rope you off the face of the earth. You just refuse to change and see Africa as God's Children TOO, God's Nation and God 's Continent. Just leave AFRICAN Continent Alone. You just want to steal from what you people call a shit hole country (CONTINENT).
Rihit Jamb
Botswana is dependant on diamonds.
cocksuckingmotherfuckingunicorn !
Africa according to everyone in my school -> Poverty and AIDS and dirty. They are racist af
Africa needs to bring a sense of unity back and again free up.
It is nice to see that Africa takes off. The better the life in Africa, the less africans will come to Europe. Less immigration means less problems and more working force in africa. Its a win-win for everyone.
Lenin Njeri
I hate being african
teg hem
Rwanda has no natural resources? It plunders the nearby north east Congo in a ethnic and civil war. nowhere close to investigating journalism, just living room opinions makers.
Salifu Abubakari
by the grace his majesty it will be.we are not that stupid but our leaders are selfish.
Salifu Abubakari
if Chines were those who colonize Africa today Africa would have been some of the best Place in the world. but all the west did here was looting. and put war's all over. now their preparing to reenvade Africa.thank you thank you thank you to CHINA!!!
hanson akoto
We love your video a lot
Luyanda Zulu
thanks to china
Mary Williams
Racist commentaries are widely published...reality...Africa is great and becoming more so...BLACK AND POWERFUL!! Natural resources will be reclaimed as well. God’s plain.

Their monetary value will be equated to the world’s leaders and ...food and medicine will be Non GMO and grown and developed independently...by Africans via the new AU.

African memberships in European Colonizers’ groups and China will be a thing of the past...Sub Saharan Africa will become a Black World Power...along with Europe, Asia, and the multiple group USA...good for world.
Jamaal Williams
Africans need to give up the occult. That opens up doors to demonic bondage. And they need to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.
linoox lee
China is very smart. China invests in Africa, establishes factories and ships products back to China. In order to protect their investment, China does not give money to the rulers of Africa, but takes money to build infrastructure such as railways. This will prevent the rulers from corrupting and affecting China's investment effects. And once the ruler collapses, they can use these infrastructures as collateral. In addition, the infrastructure in Africa is good for transporting products back to China. Infrastructure also promotes African development to provide a standard of living for Africans,
Make Africa an important market for Chinese products. Chinese people are very
I love how he says the roads are 99% better than before. Such specific number XD
Threelly AI
arrrr....too good.
Africa Rising
What about Zambia
mogaka samwel
and china takes the honors. the rest of the world may look at it as colonization but be assured Africans have their conduct checked. they are not allowed to misbehave while in our country. plus they pay with development projects unlike the west. and if you think this is not true, study about what the west is doing in Congo with all the minerals mined.
Chu Kk
african are slavery in westerners' eye, foolish backward and so deserve no right in development. but for chinese, african are brother, family, and we feel sharing with their pain and hunger, so, dont misunderstand china, we have different value. when people think it's no value in investing in africa, we just hope to help them to develop, just as we help our brother, with true heart and kindness.
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Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa In GDP 2018 Which Countries are TAKING OFF in AFRICA? 5 months ago   22:50

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Top 10 African Countries With The Highest GDP And Strong Economy in 2018
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10. Tanzania (GDP – $50 Billion) Tanzania is the second largest economy in east Africa .
9. Kenya (GDP – $73 Billion) Kenya is known as the financial, communication & transportation hub for central & east Africa .
8. Ethiopia (GDP – $75 Billion) Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the second most populous country in Africa (behind Nigeria).
7. Angola (GDP – $93 Billion) Angola is another fast growing economy that is known for its petroleum production.
6.Sudan (GDP – $95 Billion) Sudan is extremely rich in agriculture products. The country’s top exports are: cotton, oil, sesame, and groundnuts.
5. Morocco (GDP – $113 Billion) Morocco is one of the top economic products in North Africa and does lots of trade with European countries such as France and Spain.
4. Algeria (GDP -$170 Billion) Algeria is extremely rich in petroleum. The country’s top exports are: petroleum, natural gas, and electronics.
3. South Africa (GDP – $296 Billion) South Africa is the most industrialized country in Africa and controls a large amount of natural resources.
2. Egypt (GDP – $338 Billion) Egypt is the second largest economy in Africa and produces lots of oil products. The nation’s top exports are: crude oil,
1. Nigeria (GDP – $411 Billion) Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and ranks 21st in terms of world GDP. The country’s top exports are: Crude Oil,
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