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Lonzo Ball & Chino Hills | Lamelo Ball Gets Fed Up Isn't - At Up-Tube.com

Lonzo Ball & Chino Hills LaMelo Ball Gets Fed UP Isn't 2 years ago   20:46

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YO! Should I drop the rest of this seasons games? I have more I want to "remaster" that I never did back in the day... Leave a thumbs up or comment with your thoughts!

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Young AD
The other team coach yelling so much that nigga red😂😭
Unused User
that banana peel had me dying
Vinay Samuel
Anyone else notice at 6:39 when the coach got pissed at his guy after he hit a buzzer beater?
Jace Arwood
Those people yelling air ball I want them to try to shoot a 3

Baller 4 life
Benjamin Pousak
Imagine chanting air ball at a 14 year old kid that is playing up against varsity guys and is so much better than you. Also this kid pulls up from half court like no big deal so. 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Lorente Neal
0:05 what is this song
John BringsYellow
Love the track at the beginning of the video
Lamello looks like a baby compared to everyone
Mateo Encinas
What is the name of the first song???
Mikhael Panggabean
Stupid girl suporter lol can you Do that i think you can even Do a drible
Rodolfo Torres
That sign in Spanish didn’t mean shoutout to ballervisions
cadija balde
Donny Bolkeim
Number 35 is dropping his shoulder when zo tried to lay it up
Jack Kennedy
Melo in 8th grade just saving everybody’s ass
Louie Trap
The person who edited this is awesome.when the guu slipped on the banana i laughed so hard
35 was their bitch the whole game
16:51 look like its in reverse
yo next time you post a video put the time of the game next to the score or the ballervisons logo pls and thank you :)
Lamelo's teeth are sponsored by GAP
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LaMelo Ball Gets Fed UP Isn't Lonzo Ball & Chino Hills 2 years ago   09:01

LaMelo Ball wasnt taking any crap from Compton Magic! His team even extended this game to Double Overtime. Do You think this is the game that got the Big Ballers and LaMelo Ball to grow up and stand up to any team on the Adidas Circuit. This is from June and next highlights will be from 2 more tournaments in July. Thank you guys for liking and subscribing!

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