Asa SURPRISES Bailey with a SECRET World's Largest DIY Giant Egg with 11 months ago   10:39

Brooklyn and Bailey
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You want to see more of Asa? In this video, Asa takes me on a surprise secret date for our 1 year anniversary! I had no idea what he had planned, so the entire date was an adventure! It’s so exciting to think that we’ve been together for a whole year, and he really goes all out on the date with 4 surprises throughout the day! What were all of these surprises? You’ll have to watch to find out!

We started the date by having a light lunch together. Then Asa told me it was time for the first surprise: frozen yogurt! I LOVE froyo, and it’s always fun to see what other people get! Asa got all the okay toppings in his, while I obviously got the best toppings on mine! (I, of course, repaid him for this fun surprise by wiping frozen yogurt on his face!)

Surprise number 2 was the best one! Asa took us to a park and surprised me by renting a tandem bike (one bicycle with two seats). I’ve never been on a tandem bike before, and it is a ton of fun, but it’s definitely a work out!

After riding the bike, Asa surprised me by playing with puppies! There’s no faster way to a girls heart than bringing her to an animal shelter to play with puppies! Once we were done playing with the puppies, Asa took us to my favorite restaurant for an anniversary dinner. All the activities were fun for sure, but just spending a full day with Asa was the best part. Happy 1 year anniversary, Asa, and thanks for planning such an amazing and romantic surprise date!

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Sionna Khattab
Early love you guys❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘
cati queen
Guys but he is gay
Brooke Morgan
Slime Sister
I would want to eat Asa’s yogurt.
Fish sticks 5555
Chocolate one
Guadalupe Munoz
You forgot the other dog
Anneda Nettleton
Mikaela Sundt
My fav video of you two yet!
L Sunny
Asa I love your ice cream
Ella Kenyon
Asa I do not
Ike chocolate
Emily Cooper
Chocolate Delight! You guys are so cute together 😍😍
Barbie Love
Asa is such a gentleman, he carried Bailey's bag💕
Adrianna Aida
my single self can't relate.... but bailey and asa is SUCH a cute couple though 🥺
Leon Oloo
These are goals
jessie danielle
Asa's surprise video and slow dance melted my heart 😭💜
my gosh Asa's wiped cream delight is da best!!!
Olivia O'Neill
Asa and Baily are so perfect together!! wish u a perfect future together!!❤❤
Kiera Iversen
I swear they are going to get married
Lily Schwartz
711 my nane is Lily
I would eat Asa's frozen yogurt!!!! I would eat his!!!! It sounds good!!!!!!
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World's Largest DIY Giant Egg with Asa SURPRISES Bailey with a SECRET 11 months ago   08:25

Rebecca Zamolo and Cloe Couture tried making a giant World’s Largest DIY Easter Egg then did fun and hilarious games with it! We made paper mache using glue, water, and newspaper on a giant yellow balloon to create the giant egg. For the slime art we used diy fluffy slime, butter slime, glitter slime and crunchy slime, as well as finger paints for the speed play.
We also did a Chocolate Kinder Egg Surprise with Real vs Gummy food on Cloe’s channel- watch it here:

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