The World's Best Mouse Trap? How To Quickly Trap 1,000 YellowJackets 2 weeks ago   11:28

Shawn Woods
My All Time Favorite Mouse Trap! Automatic 3D Printed Walk The Plank. Mousetrap Monday.
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Shawn Woods
Currently This Trap In Sold Out and Not Available.
Check out Nicola's youtube channel:
Aung Naing
lol,your mouse did not know how to jump.we have ninja mouses,
Most Paloney
Hahahaha The one at 4:12 just jumped right in, didnt even need to set off the trap
Wisconsin Survival
One of the mice had a botfly
DIO Brando
3:44 why is it censored? Did they drown?
3:47 dammit killed the baby mice
DIO Brando
3:18 OH F___
DIO Brando
Who Else Thinks The Mice Are Kinda Cute?
davian luera
Thank u kanye v cool
Enchantedpuma 707
Fox 1: I tell this guy will leave dead rats on the porch 4 us

Fox: o really
Wølfie Sücks
I like how he keeps pet mouses to test out safe traps
mr schr
I need 2 asap
4:12 smartest one xD
michele Cromers
what did you put in the bucket water? and how much is it???
Death Wish
That was a big grey dog
Stephanie Carlson
I love this trap.
Joel Stock
Your pet mice are so cute! :)
I need the rat version.
Eli Lin
If your family is not allergic to what you might as well take it the Stray Cat because you can teach it to hunt for you
aren't you scared that your pet mouse could bite you?
Tobias Karl
fast kill ok ... but torture not nice
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How To Quickly Trap 1,000 YellowJackets The World's Best Mouse Trap? 2 weeks ago   06:33

How To Quickly Trap 1000 Yellow Jackets. Mousetrap Monday
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